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5 Healthy Skin Diet Tips for Glowing Skin

January 21, 2023

Are you looking for healthy skin diet tips for glowing skin?  Achieve healthy skin inside out, with Edible Beauty: Dermatologist’s Tips on an Antiaging Diet by Dr. Teo Wan Lin. Now on Amazon Kindle

In the meantime, here are some top tips from the skincare expert that can help you plan for a healthier and more beautiful 2023!

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1. Does diet make skin healthier?

Yes. A healthy diet is essential to health of the entire body, including your skin which is the largest organ of the body! A diet that is rich in micronutrients and essential nutrients will ensure that your skin cells are able to carry out day to day functions efficiently. For example, one of the most important functions of skin cells is to transmit signals efficiently, so that the entire skin ecosystem functions optimally. Cancerous cells are always forming in our bodies. However, healthy cells are able to detect these cancerous cells and cause them to undergo apoptosis, a process of cell death. This prevents overgrowth of the abnormal cells.

Healthy Skin Diet Tips for Glowing Skin #1: Mushrooms are a potent powerhouse of ergothionine, an antioxidant that helps to reduce inflammation throughout the whole body. Dr.TWL recommends including a range of mushrooms in your diet. Did you know that mushrooms are considered the “meat” in the plant/fungi kingdom? The way you choose to prepare mushrooms can affect the taste and texture. So it can even be a meat substitute on meatless mondays!

2. What diet will make my skin glow?

Glowing skin is healthy skin. Healthy skin is one that has an intact skin barrier which protects deeper skin cells from the external environment. Harsh climates can worsen oxidative stress on skin. Efficient skin barrier function means that harmful allergens are less likely to penetrate and cause allergies or inflammation. The skin microbiome is also healthy which means there is a balance of good and bad germs that helps regulate the skin microclimate. 

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When it comes to a diet for healthy skin, it is important that you include colorful fruits and vegetables. Colors like red, blue purple, orange and yellow indicate high levels of phytonutrients such as flavonoids which help reduce oxidative stress on skin. Skin is subject to environmental stressors like UV radiation, environmental pollution etc that causes harmful substances known as free radicals to be generated. Free radicals then cause cell damage, such as formation of cancerous cells in late stages. In early stages, skin becomes dull and more prone to developing hyperpigmentation.

Photoaging is the process by which skin changes occur because of accumulated damage. Skin texture changes, irregular pigmentation, dark spots and dull skin all these appear in aged skin. 

Skincare containing antioxidants can help skin build a reserve to better fight off stressors. Eating a diet rich in antioxidants is also essential. Beauty from the inside out isn’t a myth- it’s true!

3. Does diet make skin healthy?

If you suffer from a skin disease such as acne, rosacea, perioral dermatitis or eczema, diet alone will not treat your condition. However, a poor diet can exacerbate the condition. For those with acne prone, oily skin, a diet high in saturated fat can increase sebum production, making acne worse. Dairy products can also worsen inflammation.

Those suffering from rosacea should avoid hot and spicy foods, as this can increase vasodilation, i.e. blood flow to the facial area that makes skin look even redder and more inflammed. Those with perioral dermatitis may be especially susceptible to the juice of acidic fruits, especially if the juice comes into contact with skin. For young children suffering from eczema, food allergies can sometimes be the underlying cause. 

Healthy Skin Diet Tips for Glowing Skin #3: Berries red, purple… don’t forget to add some blueberries to your antiaging diet. Berries are powerful sources of phytochemicals that slows down inflammaging. Inflammaging is the process known to cause whole body aging, a form of inflammation that leads to whole body cell senescence.

4. Can diet alone clear skin and make skin healthy?

For true dermatological conditions, it is best to consult with a dermatologist for recommended medical treatments. A healthy diet is a useful adjunct to treatment but cannot replace medical therapy in these cases. If you are aging, eating a diet high in antioxidants can improve cell recovery.

Cell senescence is the process responsible for aging skin cells deteriorating in function. The best way to counter cell senescence is via  lifestyle factors such as a regular sleep-wake cycle following the circadian rhythm, a regular exercise regimen and an antioxidant rich diet. The skin exposome concept is the latest research on skin aging in dermatology which states that genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors all affect aging skin. The latter 2 can be readily tackled by lifestyle modification. 

The Nutraceutical Code for Healthy Skin Diet
The Nutraceutical Color Code by Dr.TWL

Healthy Skin Diet Tips for Glowing Skin #4: Trick and Treat Yourself. Do you know that most of our conscious decisions are controlled by our psychological makeup? Here is one way to hack the process. Start thinking of the health benefits of each type of food that you will like to see on your plate. If there are none, maybe it’s best not to include it in your diet! You can begin your healthy skin diet by discovering what foods are beneficial for skin as featured in Edible Beauty: Dermatologist’s Guide to An Antiaging Diet. Then once your mind is “tricked”, treat yourself with the healthy and delicious food you so crave for!

5. What is the most practical way to start on a diet for healthy skin? 

The word “Diet” always evokes a sense of dread that comes with the idea of a regimental prescription. Diets do not need to be tortuous! When it comes to a diet for healthy skin especially. Dr Teo Wan Lin recommends choosing foods to eat based on colors, the more colorful the better. In Edible Beauty: Dermatologist’s Guide to An Anti-aging Diet, she also published the Nutraceutical Color Code, a new way to organise your plate according to colors!

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Healthy Skin Diet Tips for Glowing Skin #5: Organise your meal with a yummy bento box! 

More about food psychology. Do you know why you find beautifully plated food more appetising? It’s all in the mind. Like art, our mind can perceive patterns and arrangements  of food. Don’t worry you don’t need to be a Cordon Bleu chef to do that. A bento lunch box is the perfect way for you to organise your plate, by colors or by your preferences! This bento box is perfectly customisable with adjustable dividers, so you can have single/duo or triple compartments. Depending on how you wish to organise your meal!

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