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Skincare Bible – Dermatologist Tips For Cosmeceutical Skincare: Glow Up Inside Out Dermatologist’s Straight Answers To Every Skincare Question

The second edition of the skincare bible includes specialised Focus Tutorials on two new modules Skin Resilience & Skin Barrier Repair with extended question and answer practice for advanced practitioners.

Skincare Bible Workbook – The Science of Skincare Simplified : With Clear Skin Secrets Complete Lecture Series by a Dermatologist

A companion workbook based on Skincare Bible: Dermatologist’s Tips on Cosmeceutical Skincare by board-certified dermatologist Dr Teo Wan Lin. Comes with standalone Skin Masters Academy foundational lecture series access.

Skincare Decoded Complete Skin Science & Basic Dermatology for Aestheticians Skincare Professionals: Skincare Simplified Dermatology Textbook Skincare Book for Aestheticians

In this 3-in-1 special edition, get the Skincare Bible and the accompanying workbook in a single tome, coupled with digital slide show access, expert workshops on the skin barrier, plus the best-selling Skincare and Medifacial Expert course by Skin Masters Academy*.

Haircare Bible – Dermatologist’s Tips for Haircare and Hair Loss: Dermatologist’s Comprehensive Guide to Hair Loss, At Home Hair Spas

This book is your ultimate guide to the commonest hair and scalp care questions. This is a handy compilation of tips on haircare, presented in an accessible FAQ format with dermatologist’s pearls in each section

Teen Girls Home Spa Lab Skincare Secrets: Skincare Simplified Edition With 36 Skincare Routine Planner Templates

In this book, you will learn just exactly how you can create a nature-based skincare routine and also make your very own mask recipes.

Teen Girls Survival Guide, Skincare Simplified: Teen Acne Tips for Clear Skin, Dermatologist Guide to Self-care & Self-love

This teen survival guide is a light-hearted read that also conveys an important message—beauty starts from the inside out, beginning from the teen years.

Natural Beauty DIY Skincare Book for Women: Living Skincare Dermatologist Guide to Holistic At-Home Facials
Want to learn how to DIY facials and skincare products according to your skin type? This is a one-of-a-kind beauty handbook that spills the beans on dermatologist-formulated facials and home-made skincare recipes that actually work!

Skincare & Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary & Workbook: How to Make Skincare Products, Skincare Ingredients Workbook, Formulation Secrets & Lecture
Created for skin experts, this book is jam-packed with core and specialised cosmetic formulation secrets by the chief scientific officer of leading Asian clinical skincare brand Dr TWL Dermaceuticals. Includes resources for creating a custom skincare line catered for small business owners or DIY beauty enthusiasts.

Acne Care Bible – Dermatologist’s Tips For Acne Treatment & Prevention: Dermatologist’s Blueprint

A comprehensive review of the causes of physiologic and adult acne. Learn all about the underlying causes of acne, medical treatments, as well as lifestyle interventions that may be helpful.

Acne Face Mapping with Skin Recovery Journal Workbook: A Dermatologist’s Specialist Module on Adult Hormonal Acne, Fungal Acne & Mimics

Distinguish between different regions of face affected by acne. The truth behind acne purging and how to avoid it. Building a skincare routine for acne treatment, prevention and maintenance.

K-Beauty Books: Skin Flooding, Cycling & Layering Deciphered

K-beauty books that dive deep into the science of skincare and Korean medifacials—we love! Now a complete box set revised ...

Skincare Bible: The Must-Read Skincare Book & Beauty Tool for 2023

Amazon Hardcover | Paperback | Kindle Dr. Teo Wan Lin is an international beauty KOL and the host of beauty ...

Asian Beauty Secrets: Dermatologist Skincare K-Beauty Tips

Amazon Hardcover | Paperback | Kindle Our dermatologist, Dr. Teo Wan Lin’s latest book - Asian Beauty Secrets: Korean Skin ...

2024 New Collaboration! Dr.TWL & Friends
Cut Out Fashion Paper Dolls

Cut Out Fashion Paper Dolls Coloring Book for Adults Teens Pocket Coloring Book Design Paper Doll Clothes Cutouts 54 Outfits Paper Doll Clothes Making Kit Coloring Pages

In this exclusive release under our POCKET BEAUTY™ series, enjoy hours of fun-filled cut out paper doll activities in a pocket-sized book you can bring with you anywhere!

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Kawaii Frog Composition Notebook Series

Kawaii Frog Composition Notebook Cute Frog Kawaii Notebook College Ruled for School

Use it for note taking, journaling, a diary, a composition book for school Ideal size for your backpack, tote bag, desk, school, or home

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