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K-Beauty Books: Skin Flooding, Cycling & Layering Deciphered

April 5, 2023

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K-beauty books that dive deep into the science of skincare and Korean medifacials—we love! Now a complete box set revised updated for your beautiful beauty bible collection in gorgeous hardback and paperback 

With Skin Flooding quite literally flooding our TikTok this week, we introduce the K-Beauty books written by Dr. Teo Wan Lin. The dermatologist and chief scientific officer of cosmeceutical skincare line Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals. She collaborates closely with the Korean cosmeceutical industry to formulate customised topicals. The skincare includes botanical active ingredients that have quasi-drug like effects—with therapeutic effects on skin. Her original research on the skin microbiome and microclimate has been published in top dermatology journals such as the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology and the International Journal of Dermatology. Her paper “The Maskne Microbiome” was awarded the top-most downloaded scientific paper by scientific publisher Wiley Blackwell. 

We delve deeper into the subject of K-beauty, as well as what inspired her research. She tells us her journey which led to her writing of a book all about K-beauty, as well as practical tips we can take away. 

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    Insider Dermatologist on K-Beauty

    Welcome to the Beauty Library, where we showcase the best skincare books by board-certified dermatologist and Asian beauty expert Dr. Teo Wan Lin  to read to up your beauty game all year round. 

    Interview With Dr. Teo Wan Lin, Chief Scientific Officer of Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals

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    Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals, with its unique positioning as a dermatologist-founded brand for universal skin types, bridges the gap between clinical, medical-grade skincare and K-beauty. In this interview, Dr Teo shares her personal journey as a researcher and founder, which culminated in her writing a book filled with insider tips on the world of K-beauty. As chief scientific officer of the clinical skincare line, she works closely with the korean cosmeceutical industry in the biotech headquarters of the brand in Seoul.

    What are your thoughts about K-beauty in general and suitability for different skin types? 

    K-beauty isn’t just run-of-the-mill skincare, Korean dermatologists have actually published much research about cosmeceuticals. Of course there are better brands within K-beauty, but the key really was the gap between a commercial K-beauty brand and one that is clinical skincare. I was familiar with western formulations—medical grade skincare was already being prescribed. However, many of these were retinol or acid based, which tended to irritate skin. 

    It’s worse in Singapore where I practice, as skin of color tends to develop post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. In addition, we get high exposure to UV in our tropical weather—that makes AHAs like glycolic acid quite sensitising. Photosensitivity can cause skin inflammation, especially worse after clinical procedures like laser therapy.

    K-beauty formulations are first of all, suited for Asian skin types. Which tends to be more prone to inflammation and less tolerant of retinols and acids. This is why the formulations tend to be gentler on skin. This bodes well for dermatology practice—dermatologists are looking for skincare suited for all skin types. That’s considered a universal formula. 

    Asian Beauty Secrets Book

    Why Asian Beauty Secrets is the K-beauty bible you must read— Dr Teo goes in depth into the various concepts behind K-beauty in skincare and medi-facials. From an insider’s perspective as a dermatologist and also the chief scientific officer of a cosmeceutical skincare line.

    Why do you think K-beauty trends like Skin Flooding are popular?

    First of all, I think TikTok makes for a rather democratic social media experience—in the sense that everyone now has a platform, as long as you make good content. Instagram did focus on follower counts, which I think is a dead end. Users also like the “real world” experience that TikTok offers, and it’s this touch of humanity that adds veracity to skincare experiences as well. 

    Skin flooding is quite a good way to describe K-beauty principles—it’s about repairing, restoring barrier function and skin resilience. All these are intricately tied to the skin microbiome and microclimate—at the heart of which is skin health. 

    What is your experience as a dermatologist working behind the scenes in K-beauty? What are the main differences between K-beauty and other types of skin care?

    I do work closely with the Korean cosmeceutical industry as my skincare business has its manufacturing headquarters in Korea; my background as a dermatologist allows me to weigh both the east/west perspectives in balance—my opinion is that Korean cosmeceuticals (clinical/medical grade skincare) are very well formulated in that they target the skin microenvironment. 

    Mainstream dermatology research is just beginning to emphasise the importance of the skin microclimate and the microbiome—my area of scientific research is in the skin microbiome1, which really took centre stage with maskne in the last couple years.

    In my book I explained how K-beauty formulations are unique in that:

    1. Focus on layering regimens, hence the TikTok trend skin flooding
    2. Focus on the skin barrier (layering of skincare—moisturisers from serum, lotion/emulsion to face mists)
    3. Synergistic blend of botanical actives (mostly derived from eastern ethnobotany)
    4. Broad-spectrum anti-microbial effects of certain extracts to target conditions like acne 
    5. Focus on microbiome health 
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    Add to your collection of beauty bibles and K-beauty books with Asian Beauty Secrets. The latest edition stands out from the rest by offering a dermatologist’s perspective, updated for 2023. She also teaches you how to hack medi-facials with skin devices on a budget and at the fraction of the cost of a clinic facial. 

    Do you think K-beauty is a more advanced form of skincare? 

    I wouldn’t say more advanced, but I think they were much more precise at skincare formulations. I wish I didn’t have to say this—but I wonder if there is a certain arrogance in the western-influenced practice of medicine. We call that pharmacology, ad I used to worship it. Until I realised that pharmacology was first found in plants—but maybe physicians in white coats wanted to sound cleverer than… botanists, so they branded themselves such. 

    On another note, I think the synthetic molecules the korean dermatology community identified were also rapidly incorporated in the skincare. It was effective, and K-beauty took off as K-pop fever did too. And suddenly images of  glass-skinned Koreans were all over the globe. 

    And here in the western-dominated world of dermatology…

    While dermatologists were going on about hyaluronic acid—the Koreans were at polyglutamic acid already; its 5 times more hydrating than hyaluronic acid, and as its a large molecule it tends to sit on the surface of skin (and creates some sort of a glassy illusion) which means its also a great humectant that hydrates skin from the inside while preventing water loss to the environment.

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    Are you a fan of K-beauty products? Learn all about how ethnobotany influenced the development of K-beauty from the asian beauty expert herself. Asian Beauty Secrets is the K-beauty book you must read to get ahead in the beauty game. 

    What prompted your journey into K-Beauty?

    My journey into functional dermatology began in 2016, when I was already in private practice—I suffered from repeated retinoid dermatitis. I had been on retinoids since 2008, and was using high concentrations of 0.05% tretinoin daily for 8 years when suddenly without warning, my skin acted up. I knew what it was—but refused to believe it; it wasn’t supposed to affect me, my skin must have been “hardened” to it after almost a decade of use, and so I persisted, reducing the concentration, increasing moisturiser—skin cycling it was called later in 2022. But when I saw the flaking and redness wasn’t going away, I did finally decide to stop for good. 

    The international dermatology community wasn’t really into K-beauty at that time—but this was the start of my journey. I was determined to unravel the mystery of what happened to my skin. You see, I was convinced that something else was at work. It wasn’t just about the skin barrier, skin cycling or moisturiser therapy—I’m a patient too. 

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    How did that experience influence your dermatology practice?

    If I were to sum it up in a single sentence, it would be….functional dermatology at the heart—of what I do.  In 2016, I began treating my patients with customised botanical ingredients from my research in eastern ethnobotany; primarily to reduce reliance on long term medical therapy—retinoid dermatitis, steroid induced-tachyphylaxis and antibiotic resistance—these were the many problems I encountered. So this was when Dr.TWL® Dermaceuticals was birthed; I envisioned and it became my mission—to disrupt conventional dermatologic therapy. 

    What was your inspiration behind the tell-all K-beauty book Asian Beauty Secrets?

    To date, I’ve been working closely with the korean cosmeceutical industry for the last 6 years to develop skincare for my patients based on my research. In 2021, 3 of my scientific papers on the skin microclimate were published based off my research as chief scientific officer–our focus on botanicals and textiles for the skin microclimate —quasi-drugs with therapeutic purposes have a role to play in dermatology. 

    My book Asian Beauty Secrets contains much of my research in the field of cosmeceuticals that target the skin and hair micro-environment, at the heart of my research—distilling the finest in asian beauty ingredients in the field of integrative dermatology.  I think it’s important for dermatologists and the public alike to realise that—K-beauty isn’the a fad, it’s here to stay. The reason really? I would say, it’s the science. 

    The story behind the Beauty Library is a passion for education. Our team, led by Dr. Teo Wan Lin, published researcher of over 11 scientific papers in the field of dermatology, is on a mission to revolutionise skincare education. Making specialised knowledge available for all. Asian Beauty Secrets isn’t just another one of the K-beauty books you see—it contains the finest gems of dermatological knowledge acquired by Dr Teo herself in her journey to building one of Asia’s most prominent clinical skincare Brand’s. 

    Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals celebrates their 6-year milestone this year, what are your aspirations for the brand?

    It’s my baby really—though she looks like she’s ready for primary school; as we say in Singapore! Jokes aside, I think my focus will be on education, TikTok is a great platform I use. Bite-sized content is preferred, our attention spans are short. There’s a place for in-depth study though—that’s where my books come into play. 

    The Beauty Library is a skincare education initiative by the brand —we’ve built a loyal readership in the US and internationally. My hope is that Singaporeans will also catch on the habit of reading up on skincare—growing our skincare book readership base is our goal for the next few years. 

    From its inception in 2016 to what it is today— we’ve gained a loyal following we are thankful for. But this is just the beginning of the story I tell— of why I started Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals as adjunct cosmeceutical treatment (steroid/antibiotic/retinoid-free) for my patients with skin conditions like eczema, rosacea and acne. It’s a story of how eastern ethnobotany principles, long held in K-beauty formulations rightly address the concept of microclimates for skin resilience.

    Today, Dr.TWL® cosmeceutical brand specialist offers medical grade skincare and haircare outside the dermatologist’s office. From our R & D in Seoul where our biotechnology lab is headquartered, my team and I continue to create cosmeceuticals that target the skin and hair micro-environment, at the heart of my research—distilling the finest in Asian beauty ingredients in the field of integrative dermatology. 

    Skin flooding, skin cycling are some of the TikTok skincare trends that have emerged. In Asian Beauty Secrets, the K-beauty book you must read, Dr Teo shares about the concept of skin layering to “flood” the skin with moisture, from a scientific perspective. Add to your collection of K-beauty books today!

    Top Skincare Tips from the Author of Asian Beauty Secrets—The K-Beauty Book To Read

    What are your top skincare tips for our readers? 

    #1 You may be tempted to DIY—do it for a week or two at max, see a dermatologist if your condition doesn’t get better

    If your skin problem has not resolved with over the counter treatments (of any type) and has persisted longer than 2 weeks—it’s best to see a dermatologist first as many skin conditions like acne, rosacea, sensitive skin / eczema / perioral dermatitis can worsen and will require medical therapy. But once it is under control, I wean patients off medical/prescription therapy with cosmeceutical maintenance—there is evidence for adjuvant cosmeceutical treatment in many dermatological conditions. Berberine cream for instance has a multi-pathway effect on acne— antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, reducing acne scars.


    Skincare Tip 1: Cleanse mindfully Use a gentle washcloth (unless you have extremely dry/sensitive skin) A reusable soft microfibre pad can help attract the particulate matter settled on skin PM2.5, airborne pollutants are known to accelerate skin aging and worsen skin conditions like acne Cleansing is the most important step in any skincare regimen because this is one skincare tip that directly targets the skin microbiome which is the basis for glowing skin When the skin microbiome is disturbed, skin conditions like acne, rosacea, eczema result. Skincare Tip 2: Don’t use a toner. Use facial essences instead. Does your skin feel greasy from the inside but yet looks dehydrated, flaky and inflamed on the surface? Here’s why. Toners of the past were marketed as being astringents to remove excess oil. The key skincare tip here is to regulate oil production and not to superficially remove oil like an astringent toner does. Doing so leads to a dehydrated-oily skin phenomenon. Use a facial essence or an emulsion Use oil in water emulsions to moisturise oily skin. Don’t use creams or skip moisturiser if you want glowing skin. Face mist hack Skincare Tip 3: Use your favorite moisturiser as your sleeping mask THE SKINCARE SCAM ALERT All sleeping mask formulas are the same as moisturisers, as these are leave-on rather than wash-off ingredients. They work by absorbing onto the skin to produce moisturising effects and contribute to glowing skin. Link in bio for more! #skincare #foryoupage #dermatologist #skincareroutine #skincaresecrets

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    Key Takeaways from K-beauty 

    #2 Emphasis on layering skincare for maximal results

    Layering skincare allows for increased concentration of ingredients to be delivered to skin. For example, hyaluronic acid can be concentrated in a serum formula, followed by peptides, niacinamides and other antioxidants in the emulsion/lotion and finally, high doses of polyglutamic acid, glycerin delivered in the form of facial mist.

    #3 Intensive moisture delivery 

    Ceramides, hyaluronic acid, polyglutamic acid, amino acids, glycerin—western brands before only focused on one or two of these, but including amino acids for instance is more than just repairing the barrier— it encourages positive cell talk

    #4 Facial Mist

    That would be my must-have K-beauty product. The one that I use has at least 19 different botanical actives in a polyglutamic dominant solution—it gives a dewy glow and its quite miraculous really, how Polyglutamic acid (PGA) works (on my skin I can say for sure). 

    Follow Dr. Teo on TikTok and IG @drteowanlin.

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    1. Teo WL. The “Maskne” microbiome – pathophysiology and therapeutics. Int J Dermatol. 2021 Jul;60(7):799-809. [PubMed
    2. Teo WL. Diagnostic and management considerations for “maskne” in the era of COVID-19. J Am Acad Dermatol. 2021 Feb;84(2):520-521. [PubMed]
    3. Teo WL. Design elements in face masks can provide an effective fit to prevent droplet spread: A reply to “Importance of nose wires in face masks”. J Am Acad Dermatol. 2021 Sep;85(3):e153-e155. [PubMed]

    Skincare Bible: The Must-Read Skincare Book & Beauty Tool for 2023

    November 21, 2022

    Dr. Teo Wan Lin is an international beauty KOL and the host of beauty podcast Dermatologist Talks Science of Beauty. As an accredited dermatologist and the author of the Skincare Bible, she was featured as the only South East Asian representative on Dior Beauty’s inaugural Digital Skincare Talks in 2020 with Philip Picardi and Gisele Bundchen. She is also an author of several books on skincare and haircare. The Skincare Bible is the first beauty book recommended in the series which sets the foundation for solid understanding in skincare science for all readers. Available on Amazon as hardback, paperback and kindle edition.

    Dr Teo Wan Lin Singapore Dermatologist Treats Hormonal Acne

    The ideal skincare reference book is one that is comprehensive, ticks all the boxes for our frequently asked questions, and also easy to read. Does the Skincare Bible by Singapore dermatologist Dr. Teo Wan Lin meet these standards? An all in one skincyclopedia is every skincare enthusiast’s beauty must have. Read on to discover what this book offers.


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    Why you should have a skincare bible 

    Learning is the most important thing to do for yourself this coming year. Knowledge is power and skincare empowerment doesn’t come with purchasing more products. For skincare, empowering yourself with solid knowledge is the best thing. This enables you to discern between marketing hype and make your skinvestment worth it! We know how skincare products aren’t cheap. However, sometimes drugstore alternatives can help troubled skin much better than expensive luxury skincare. A good guide can help you make this decision. This is why a skincare bible may just be the beauty tool you need for your new year skin resolution!

    @booksbydr.twl Are retinols/retinoids truly the best anti-aging ingredient for all skin types including sensitive skin? Watch out this video to find out the answer #retinolhacks #skincareguide #skincaretips #dermatologist #booktok #retinolskincare #peptideserum #peptidesforskin #fyp #peptidemoisturizer #skincarebooks ♬ Relaxing Japanese-style piano song inviting nostalgia – Akiko Akiyama

    Which skincare bible to choose?

    A skincare bible is a cute term for a comprehensive skin encyclopedia. We aren’t expecting to become skin experts overnight, but it helps to have a book reference that teaches us how to! Googling for skincare knowledge online? That’s great because many websites like the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology provides public education articles on important topics like basic skincare. However, this is where this book makes all the difference.

    You get answers to the most frequently asked questions about skincare, from basic to advanced. More than that, in the Skincare Bible Dermatologist’s Tips on Cosmeceutical Skincare, the author promises answers to questions posed by the most seasoned beauty journalists, a compilation over her decade long career in beauty. Best of all, it’s the most current version written by any dermatologist and featuring regular updates from questions asked by beauty lovers on the author’s podcast. Evergreen content such as acne, eczema and rosacea tips initially tailored for the clinic’s patients is compiled in this useful skincare book.

    @booksbydr.twl Dermatologist Talks: Sensitive Skincare 101 #learningisfun #skincareroutine #skincaretips #sensitiveskin #dermatologistontiktok #dermatologistrecommended #skincarebooks #drtwl #dermatologist ♬ Pieces (TikTok Classics Version) – Danilo Stankovic & Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg

    How much does the skincare bible cost and is it worth it?

    You can get the e-book download on Kindle at $8.99 which comes with a complimentary digital video masterclass. If you prefer a physical copy, head over to where you will get a complimentary sunscreen with the hardcover edition at $49.90 whilst stocks last. Based on our research,  this is the only skincare that offers a digital video masterclass included in the book. In this comprehensive 5 section video masterclass, topics on cosmeceuticals, common skin disorders like acne, pigmentation, eczema and skin sensitivity are covered by Dr. Teo Wan Lin. 

    Beauty Bible 1
    Beauty Bible 2
    Beauty Bible 3
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    Why you will love the Skincare Bible by Dr.TWL

    It is well laid out, detailed and organised. It’s also easy to read with images interspersed between text. Best of all, it seems designed for millennial readers who much prefer learning in an FAQ format. The book has been quoted by and used as a reference book international beauty journalists on important skincare topics as well!

    As seen on 

    CNN Philippines Skincare Bible
    Dior Capture Totale Skincare Bible 1
    Dior Capture Totale Skincare Bible 2
    Dior Capture Totale Skincare Bible 3
    Dior Capture Totale Skincare Bible 4
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    Dr. Teo sharing about the Skincare Bible at Dior Capture Totale launch event

    What’s in the Skincare Bible?

    The book is organised according to major themes. For all book lovers out there, we know you value previews before investing in new books. We’ ve included a preview here so you know what you are getting!

    Beauty Bible 4
    Beauty Bible 5
    Beauty Bible 6
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    Skincare Bible Book Review 

    What else is included that makes it different from other skincare bibles?

    This skincare bible is the millennial beauty edit to get your hands on. Written by an expert who actually knows the inner workings of a skincare manufacturing business, the Skincare Bible is not just the opinion of an academic dermatologist. Dr. Teo is the chief scientific officer of Asian beauty brand Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals, featured in media internationally as an established dermatologist formulated line. This way you truly get the behind the scenes look at the skincare industry for what it is, sans marketing and celebrity endorsements.

    Imagine getting behind the closed doors of a dermatologist’s office- and asking the million questions you’ve always had. Well, this book is written to satisfy the curiosity of the most hard core beauty enthusiast ever. The FAQ style breaks down questions and answers in easily digestible formats. The way the questions are presented and ordered is intuitive, building on simpler concepts before advancing to more complex skincare topics. 

    Beauty Bible 7
    Beauty Bible 8
    Beauty Bible 9
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    Where can I get a copy of the Skincare Bible?

    If you live in Singapore, purchase a copy of the e-book or hard copy at Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals. If you are based in the US or the rest of the world, check out Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books and Scribd.

    Information from the publisher

    Skincare Bible 1
    Skincare Bible 2
    Skincare Bible 3
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    This Skincare Bible is a Millennial Beauty Edit that imparts advanced skincare knowledge. Board-certified Singapore dermatologist and host of beauty podcast Dermatologist Talks Science of Beauty, Dr. Teo Wan Lin answers all your skincare questions in this comprehensive skincare encyclopedia. The skincare bible is part of the Beauty Bible Series which comes with a beauty guarantee. If you still have an unanswered question – send it to and Dr.TWL will answer it on her podcast as a featured question.

    A worthy skin investment that will be continually updated, sign up for our mailing list at  to get lifetime bonus masterclasses and updates to the e-book with a single purchase today entitles you to have any of your skincare questions answered separately, with your question featured plus a bonus FREE Beauty & The Brain coloring gift set for our Skincare Bible Podcast Anniversary Special!*

    Beauty Bible Guarantee Launch Special 

    Complete Skincare Masterclass Video Course & Bonus Lecture Notes

    Skincare Bible 4
    Skincare Bible 5
    Skincare Bible 6
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    Includes access to 5 demonstrative video lectures. Concepts in dermatological science, Skin disorders & cosmetic effects, Functional dermatology, Skincare fundamentals, Tips for masking better*

    Why this is the best skincare bible for all your skincare questions

    Imagine a comprehensive encyclopedia of skincare questions asked by seasoned beauty journalists, actual sufferers of skin conditions and hardcore skin enthusiasts. The skincare bible is a compilation designed to  up your skincare skills and knowledge. Written by accredited dermatologist Dr. Teo Wan Lin also the host of Asia’s premier beauty podcast Dermatologist Talks: Science of Beauty. Her beauty podcast has collaborated with major beauty brands worldwide including the AMORE-Pacific group (LANEIGE), Eucerin, Dior Beauty, Skinceuticals, FOREO and the L’Oréal group. 

    Skincare Bible 7
    Skincare Bible 8
    Skincare Bible 9
    Skincare Bible 10
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    Who was the skincare bible written for? 

    Initially written for her patients at TWL Specialist Skin & Laser Centre as a way to encourage and advance skincare knowledge, the skincare bible has grown to become a widely referenced beauty encyclopedia by industry insiders. Skincare pearls from behind the doors of the dermatologist’s office made available in a readily accessible FAQ format. This book is a trusted resource of skincare advice widely quoted by beauty writers.

    Skincare Bible 11
    Skincare Bible 12
    Skincare Bible 13
    Skincare Bible 14
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    What are the skills of a basic to advanced skincare analysis and consultation?

    If you are already in the beauty industry, working as an aesthetician or an aesthetic doctor, you will also find this book helpful. The Skincare Bible is the perfect reference book on beauty regimes-backed by the latest science. Offer the best to your clients and patients by upgrading your knowledge. Get educated on cosmetic science principles behind skincare vehicles- the science and art of dermatology. Learn the true differences between a serum, lotion and a cream, why and when these are indicated. Most of all, this skincare bible is designed for you. Become the master of the art of skincare, tailored to you. 

    More video content

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    Asian Beauty Secrets: Dermatologist Skincare K-Beauty Tips

    November 5, 2022

    Our dermatologist, Dr. Teo Wan Lin’s latest book – Asian Beauty Secrets: Korean Skin Cycling with Plant-based, Natural Ingredients is now published on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble. This is an interview with her on the inspiration behind the book as well as what to expect in this edition.

    Insider Asian Beauty Secrets
    Dr. Teo Wan Lin featured on Insider for her expert tips on K-Beauty skincare and her book Asian Beauty Secrets.
    Barrier Repair Speed Guide
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    What You’ll Get

  • My Skin Barrier Repair Playbook with K-beauty product checklist  
  • Personalised video tutorial on skincare routine based on your skin type/concerns
  • 30 min on-demand video course on skin barrier  
  • *sent via email within 48H, do add address book to avoid missing the mail (or check your junk!) 

    @drteowanlin •Dermatologist Tips for Your Dream Skin• Who says you need retinol for pigmentation? Scutellaria Baicalensis is an eastern herb rich in wogonins, nature’s UV protectant that also treats skin pigmentation #dermatologist #dermatologistrecommended ##kbeauty #kbeautyskincare #foryoupage #foryou #fypシ #fyp #dermatology #asianbeautysecrets #skincycling #skincyclingroutine #skincyclingresults #skincare101 #skintok #dermatologydoctor #learnontiktok #learningisfun #retinoltips ♬ Bach unaccompanied cello suite “Prelude” – Jianteng

    Why did you decide to write this book?

    My patients are familiar with the Skincare Bible: Dermatologist’s Tips on Cosmeceutical Skincare. This was published in 2019 as a complete compilation of FAQ on skincare regimens and common dermatological conditions like acne rosacea and eczema. We have had great feedback with the original skincare bible. Within a dermatologist’s consult, it was not always possible to explain everything in detail because of time constraints. However, the original skincare bible served as a great platform for patients and readers alike to advance their skincare knowledge. Written in an FAQ style, the topics covered are evergreen, timeless essentials like the basics of skincare. 

    Dermatologist Asian Beauty Secrets

    The Asian Beauty Secrets Book can be considered as a sequel to the Skincare Bible. I have been spending the last 3 years in cosmeceutical research focusing on eastern ethnobotany, a burgeoning field in dermatology and cosmeceuticals. My work as the scientific officer lead in Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals involves selection of high potential cosmeceuticals for product development. Particularly relevant is the  application of botanicals for true dermatological conditions like acne and eczema. This book also examines the potential for retinol alternatives like bakuchiol in anti-aging. 

    @drteowanlin Here’s the skincare guide to read before 2023 Why You Will Love This: – Comprehensive Asian skincare bible on regimens & actives – Asian beauty’s gut-skin microbiome approach – Written by board certified dermatologist & expert on beauty formulations – Scientific approach to the ancient art of ethnobotany – Harness plant intelligence to create the ideal skincare regimen – Dictionary of Asian beauty plant actives categorised by plant parts – Discover nature’s own plant-based skin cycling formulas Asian Beauty Secrets: Hello to Plant-Powered Skin Cycling Say bye to DIY Skin-Cycling. Here’s how. With skin cycling all the rage on TikTok, we reveal how hidden intelligence of plant extracts facilitates natural skin cycling. In fact, the better way is to identify whole plant actives, nature’s ready made skincare actives, that work on multiple cellular pathways to mitigate irritation & are universally tolerable. #dermatologist #beautyhack #skincareguide #skincycling #skincareroutine #skincyclingresults #skincyclingnight2 #dermatologistontiktok #tiktokderm #dermdoctor #drtwl #skincaretips #booktok #booktoker ♬ Ballet song like “Waltz of flowers” _3 minutes(965255) – yulu-ism project

    Define Asian beauty secrets. What makes Asian beauty unique and also what secrets are there?

    Asian beauty secrets is not just a buzzword. From my perspective as a dermatologist, Asian beauty is important as it is relevant for skin of color. Asian skin is dramatically different from Caucasian skin. Pigmented skin types have increased risk of developing post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This applies to cosmetic treatments like lasers, chemical peels and retinol/retinoid based skincare.

    What is fascinating is that ethnobotany, a traditional field where botanicals are studied for their pharmacological effects provides answers in dermatology.

    Bakuchiol for instance is used in K-beauty, with Korean dermatology research showing that it has similar effects on skin as retinol does, but without side effects. 

    C-beauty is less known but equally relevant and fascinating. What we are learning now in terms of the gut-skin microbiome, is an inherent principle in traditional Chinese medicine. What we eat affects the gut microbiome, which in turn impacts skin.

    Dermatologist Asian Beauty Secret #1

    The Modern Science of an Ancient Art: Herbology Meets Dermatology 

    Asian Beauty Secrets is a compendium of skincare tips and hacks. Beginning with the original Korean medi-facial experience with a facial scrubber, to the merits of gua sha and jade rollers. Get behind the scenes tips of dermatology and aesthetic clinics for at-home medifacials. 

    You make a point to include skin cycling in your title “Asian Beauty Secrets: Korean Skin Cycling with Plant-based, Natural Ingredients,” why?

    Skin cycling trending on TikTok took many dermatologists by surprise. After all, this has been practised for decades, probably for as long as retinol has been in existence . Retinol causes skin irritation – nothing new. Reduce frequency of application, increase moisturising in between- these are basic intuitive instructions given by all dermatologists. However, what the trend really showed us was an appetite for cute terms, basically, how information is packaged makes all the difference to today’s Gen-Z consumers. Turning it into a force for good, where powerful educational messages can be sent for betterment, in dermatology a field I have expertise in.. I say why not?

    Plant Intelligence
    Do you know about plant intelligence? Ethnobotany is nature’s very own skin cycling regimen, known as adaptogens. Adaptogens can work  to reduce skin irritation while having anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory effects.
    Let Plants Regulate your Skin Cycle
    Learn The Science & Art of Korean Skin Cycling with Plant Actives. The basis of the manuscript is a plant dictionary in eastern ethnobotany, from K-beauty and C-beauty, a compilation of research by internationally renowned researcher in the skin microbiome, board certified dermatologist Dr. Teo Wan Lin.

    What are 2 key Asian beauty secrets you can share with our readers here?

    (Spoiler alert!)

    Firstly, Asian beauty, particularly C-beauty emphasises the link between the gut and the skin. 

    Want to know the best kept secret of Asian beauty? I begin this book by laying the foundation of the gut-skin connection which is what prompted me to research on the scientific basis of C-beauty herbal tonics. What began as a check on old wives tales I grew up hearing from my grandma on foods good for the skin- turned into a fascinating journey which corroborated many aspects of modern dermatology research emphasising the gut-skin axis.

    @drteowanlin Hack (Heck 😜) Skin Cycling with this method •Dermatologist Skincare Secrets• #skincycling #skincyclingroutine #skincyclingresults #skincare101 #skintok #dermatologydoctor #dermatologist #learnontiktok #learningisfun #fyp #foryou #fypシ #skincareroutine #retinolskincare #skincycling #skincyclingroutine #skincyclingresults #asianbeautysecrets #plantbasedtiktok #plantbasedskincare #plantbasedskincareproducts ♬ Ballet song like “Waltz of flowers” _3 minutes(965255) – yulu-ism project

    In my previous book – Edible Beauty, I touched on the Gut-Skin connection. The many parallel concepts- from the microbiome to antioxidants suppressing inflammation, inspired the creation of the Beauty Buffet Skincare Regimen. Eating is an intuitive part of life, eating well requires discipline, creativity and knowledge. Similarly, skincare can be as basic as cleansing your face, but this book is all about doing it well. Nutrition benefits our body, and it can also be absorbed through the skin.

    Brain Gut Skin Connection

    Asian Beauty Secret Book Spills the Beans on the Gut-Skin Connection: The Heart of Asian Beauty in Modern Dermatology

    Another discovery in the scientific field is that gut health does impact the brain. It turns out that the gut-skin connection is not the only axis involved in our whole body regulation of skin health. The brain skin connection is one understood by dermatologists who recognised the impact of psychological stress on common dermatological conditions like acne, eczema and rosacea. However, gut health directly impacts psychological wellbeing. For instance nutraceutical dietary interventions improved the overall quality of life for geriatric age groups in recent scientific trials. This prompts us to further investigate the gut-brain-skin axis as one with complex interconnected physiological relationships. 

    Asian Beauty Secret #2: K-Beauty Inspired Approach to At-home Medifacial Hack

    Smart Skin Regimen Asian Beauty Hacks

    We all wonder what makes an effective beauty intervention? In this book,  Dr. Teo spills the beans on K-beauty home facial hacks – the best kept Asian beauty secrets. 

    An easy way to tell is checking if the science behind the intervention impacts any of the following pathways (based on the latest understanding of dermatological research). While many aesthetic treatments do have the intended effect on skin, the longevity and sustainability of the approach is questionable. 

    Dr.TWL Garden Lessons Microbiome Diversity Improves Immune Function

    1. Skin ecology 

    How does the intervention change the skin environment? 

    2. Does it normalise the skin microbiome or does it work as an antibiotic? 

    Microbiome diversity is one of the key markers of a healthy organ. Our body coexists with millions of microbes, maybe more. Each has a key function in regulating the microenvironment. As with our gut, our skin thrives in a diversity of microorganisms. Herein is the fallacy in traditional dermatology practice – we started treating acne with topical antibiotics because they were hailed by drug companies. We quickly found out that they lost effectiveness, because of antibiotic resistance.

    Worse still, our infectious disease colleagues realised there were many more who were developing antibiotic resistance from topical antibiotics being applied on skin.  When drug companies updated their topical antibiotics with benzoyl peroxide, they stated that that reduced bacterial resistance. That however, didn’t prove true in the medium term.

    3. Is there a more sustainable option?

    There must be a better way. This led me to research on one of the oldest practices of pharmacology in the world, ethnobotany. Essentially, I have dedicated my dermatology career to the research and development of plant actives for treatment of various skin conditions. My aim in this book is to bring out the modern science of an ancient art. My hope is that as a dermatologist, my expertise in expounding scientific benefits and debunking skincare myths- without bias will help many who read this book.

    @drteowanlin •Dermatologist Tips for Your Dream Skin• Who says you need retinol for pigmentation? Scutellaria Baicalensis is an eastern herb rich in wogonins, nature’s UV protectant that also treats skin pigmentation #dermatologist #dermatologistrecommended ##kbeauty #kbeautyskincare #foryoupage #foryou #fypシ #fyp #dermatology #asianbeautysecrets #skincycling #skincyclingroutine #skincyclingresults #skincare101 #skintok #dermatologydoctor #learnontiktok #learningisfun #retinoltips ♬ Bach unaccompanied cello suite “Prelude” – Jianteng

    About Asian Beauty Secrets Book on Skincare Routines, K-beauty, C-beauty Trends & Skin Science 

    Get Skincare and Beauty Tips at a Glance 

    A comprehensive yet accessible basic to advanced skincare course by a dermatologist. The science of beauty is also in the art of skincare. This book talks routines accompanied by a complete ingredient directory. Published in the month of October, Dr. Teo includes a bonus chapter on the trending skin cycling regimen. Readers will be delighted that there is a way to hack cumbersome skin cycling with plant-based retinol alternatives like bakuchiol, papain and bromelain. Gain insights into rare medicinal herbs used in traditional chinese medicine that have recently been backed up by dermatology research to be effective in dermatological conditions like acne and eczema. 

    As a K-beauty expert, Dr. Teo shares how Asian beauty formulations first address the microbiome. The skin microenvironment is an ecological system that needs to be respected. Skincare is an integral part of dermatology practice- and is also readily accessible. Discover a dermatologist’s approach to deciphering what works and what doesn’t. This book equips you with tips on how to build a skincare regimen. 

    Kokode Japanese Beauty Feature Dermatologist Dr. Teo Wan Lin

    About the Author:

    Dr. Teo Wan Lin is the chief scientific officer of Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals, one of the leading dermatologist formulated skincare brands in Asia. The cosmeceutical research focuses on ethnobotany, with an emphasis on Asian beauty trends. The brand has its manufacturing and research headquarters collaboration with a leading biotechnology firm in South Korea, the hub of Asian beauty.

    Dr. Teo’s beauty podcast Dermatologist Talks: Science of Beauty is a highly sought-after beauty podcast in Asia, with major brand collaborations since its inception in 2020 including beauty giants like L’Oréal, Eucerin, AMORE Pacific and Skinceuticals. The podcast aims to bring skincare education to the public in an accessible manner. The heart of the podcast centers on the brain-skin connection, an area of Dr. Teo’s research. 

    Finally, an Asian beauty secrets book written by a bona fide scientific voice. Accredited Singapore dermatologist Dr. Teo Wan Lin is an author of books on skincare and haircare- the scientific authority in the world of beauty bibles. Follow her on Instagram and TikTok @drteowanlin. 

    @dr.twlbeautybibles The Beauty Library. Coming Soon #beautytoks #booktok #beautybook #beautybooks #beautytip #beautytips #drtwl #beautylibrary #beautycommunity ♬ Kings & Queens – Ava Max

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