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Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder…. Or Not?
Double eyelid, Eye wrinkles, Crows feet treatments

January 12, 2017

By Dr. Teo Wan Lin, Consultant Dermatologist at TWL Specialist Skin & Laser Centre

Want tighter, rejuvenated, bright eyes? Achieve deep-set eyelids without surgery? Yes it’s now possible!

What is Plasma Skin Regeneration?

It’s a dramatically different, safe, and clinically proven treatment that is now available in our clinic. Plasma Skin Regeneration is a unique treatment utilizing the latest ‘plasma’ energy to revitalize your skin. It is the first and only cosmetic treatment proven to deliver true skin regeneration, 100% safe and effective around sensitive areas such as the eyes, providing remarkable and long-lasting results.

How does Nitrogen Plasma Work?

While some treatments provide a modest improvement at the skin surface, the clinically proven Nitrogen Plasma Skin Regeneration distinctively alters structures at, and below the surface. This creates the right conditions for continuing skin regeneration. The results are dramatic improvements to fine and deep wrinkles, acne scars, skin laxity and discoloration, as well as poor skin tone and texture.

What about nitrogen? Isn’t that part of the air we breathe in? 

Plasma energy is derived from excited nitrogen gas. During treatment, Plasma uniquely preserves the skin’s outer layers which act as a natural protective dressing until your new healthy skin regenerates beneath.

Are you an ideal candidate for Skin Regeneration?

Would you like deeper set eyelids, or do you have drooping single eyelids?

Do you have fine lines or wrinkles (including around the eyes and mouth) that you would like to reduce?

Do you want a more youthful appearance and tighter facial skin?

Would you like to improve your skin tone?

Nitrogen Plasma is the perfect skin regeneration treatment, be it just for a perk-me-up for tired eyes OR a total eye makeover by tightening lax eyelid skin to achieve that doe-eyed look you’ve always sought after.

What makes Nitrogen Plasma different from other available treatments?

The ground-breaking science behind Nitrogen Plasma makes it different from other treatments in several important ways. Nitrogen Plasma is the first and only treatment clinically proven to regenerate skin. 100% of the skin is treated, initiating regeneration deep below the surface, remodeling a natural skin architecture which replaces the damaged, wrinkled layers naturally.

How long does treatment take?

Nitrogen skin regeneration can be used to treat the entire face in around 40 minutes, or a smaller selected region in 5-10 minutes. This simple procedure is performed here in our clinic.

Depending on the treatment area, the condition of your skin and your desired outcome, one to six treatments may be recommended.

Recovery time is related to the strength of the treatment performed. Following your treatment you will see improvements which will become even more dramatic over time.

What kind of improvements can I expect to see?

Following low energy treatments, you will see improvements in skin texture and tone, and reduction of fine wrinkles. Around the eyelid area, you will notice tightening and a look of deeper-set double eyelids.

Following high energy treatments, you will see also see these improvements as well as the reduction of deep wrinkles, acne scars and pigmentation marks.

New, healthier, natural collagen growth will improve contours, tighten your skin, and enhance your overall appearance.

Will the results disappear? 

Clinical studies show a continued improvement for as long as two years after treatment.

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Dr Teo Wan Lin has expertise in using this safe and effective technology to achieve excellent cosmetic outcomes in her patients for non-surgical eyelid rejuvenation. Nitrogen Plasma has been used by top dermatologists and plastic surgeons in Japan and in Europe. It has proven to be an excellent option for non-surgical eyelid enhancement.

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