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How does a Sonic Facial Cleanser for Acne Work?

June 21, 2022

Regular and proper cleansing is a key step in acne treatment, and can make a difference to your skin microbiome. In this article, we walk through how a sonic facial cleanser for acne works, including excerpts from Acne Care Bible: Dermatologist’s Tips For Acne Treatment & Prevention by Dr. Teo Wan Lin, dermatologist at TWL Specialist Skin & Laser Centre.

Acne care bible: How does sonic facial cleanser for acne treatment work?
Dr. Teo Wan Lin’s e-book Acne Care Bible: Dermatologist’s Tips For Acne Treatment & Prevention is available on Amazon.

The skin is the largest organ of the body which also happens to be colonized by a lot of germs. Germs are also known as microorganisms. The community of germs present on our skin affects our immune system and is important for healthy functioning of the skin. The microbiome of skin is created right after birth. The oil glands that develop as we enter adulthood can influence the type of microbiome which is genetically influenced. The concept of ecobiology is based on this principle. Your skin is an ever changing ecosystem that interacts with your environment. It also constantly engages in cell talk—within the cells itself, between the different types of cells, and also the external environment.

Microbiome dysbiosis refers to an imbalance due to changes in the abundance and diversity of microorganisms that are present on the surface of skin. This can be related to disturbances in the skin barrier function due to medications applied, environmental changes and poor skin care habits.

Acne microbiome

Acne is the most prominent dermatological condition that is directly influenced by microbiome dysbiosis. The Cutibacterium acnes phylotype of bacteria is predominantly found in acne patients. We attribute one of the causes of acne to the relatively poor diversity of the germs present on the surface of acne prone individuals. This has been postulated to trigger skin inflammation.

Sonic facial cleanser for acne

The skin microbiome essentially describes the host of good and bad bacteria, fungi that inhabit the surface of the skin. When there is an imbalance in this delicate ecosystem, skin conditions can develop. It is critical to understand that healthy functioning of the skin as a barrier against the external environment also includes its ability to protect from infections.

Skin infections play a role in many dermatological conditions. In acne vulgaris, that can be a secondary bacterial infection known as gram negative folliculitis, which results in pustules as well as acne flare ups. This is where addressing the skin microbiome, especially using technologies such as sonic cleansing to enhance traditional double cleansing techniques can be helpful. In fact, this has been demonstrated in clinical studies involving sonic facial cleansers, as it helps to stabilize the skin microbiome.

Sonic cleansing is a form of therapy that has been incorporated into home facial devices. This method of cleansing has been shown in a few clinical studies to improve the skin microbiome when used in conjunction with a gentle cleanser. It is also indicated for treatment of conditions such as acne. Additionally, it can also be applied appropriately to patients who have perioral dermatitis. Acne, in particular, is one condition that can be improved with sonic cleansing.

How does a sonic facial cleanser for acne work? 

Sonic technology essentially uses ultrasonic waves – in this case, from a range of 5,000 to 24,000 pulsations per second to dislodge any debris as well as particulate matter on the surface of the skin, which is invisible to the naked eye. Why is this relevant? Double cleansing, which is the standard of cleansing especially if you wear waterproof sunscreen and makeup, does not completely remove your skin of particulate matter.

In fact, the effect of residual particulate matter, PM 2.5 has been increasingly implicated in scientific studies that focus on the aging skin exposome. These particulate matter can cause oxidative stress, and eventually DNA cell damage. This is the primary cause of aging skin in older individuals, because one can no longer keep up with the rate of DNA repair. 

Blade Style Sonic Facial Cleanser
A minimalist ultrasonic sonic facial cleanser for acne recommended for use for all skin types, includes dry sensitive skin, combination and oily skin.

Eventually, skin aging can manifest in terms of fine lines, wrinkles, textural changes such as the loss of skin elasticity, as well as enlarged pores. In terms of keeping a healthy moisturized skin barrier, sonic cleansing can help by stabilizing the microbiome. 

In eczema, there is actually an imbalance in the good and bad bacteria present on skin. Staphylococcus aureus, which is usually present on normal healthy skin suddenly triggers off an immune stimulated response that we call the superantigen effect, eventually leading to eczema flare ups. This is how sonic cleansing can help individuals with facial eczema as well. Individuals with eczema are advised to use the blade-style sonic facial cleansers, as the brush head/silicone bristle models can irritate the skin. 

Skin aging itself is understood to be a complex process that involves both your biological processes, lifestyle factors such as your dietary and exercise needs, and also application of antioxidant skincare. 

Traditionally, brush cleansers were used as a prototype for sonic facial cleansers. However, there are some key problems with this. The brushes made of synthetic plastic tend to accumulate bacteria and other microscopic particles – especially in the humid and hot environment in bathrooms. This has led to the evolution of different types of sonic cleansing devices which include silicone brush heads, as well as blade style Sonic cleansers which were the prototype for the Korean medi-facials. This is the same design that we adopted for our mass-produced sonic cleansing device that simulates the Korean medi facial experience.

Design of a sonic cleanser

When choosing a sonic facial cleanser for acne, it is important to consider the design as well as if it is suitable for an individual with sensitive skin. 

Blade style sonic facial cleanser for acne

Sometimes called a face scrubber, this design was modeled after the original Korean sonic facial cleanser and popularized by Korean medi-facials. This is the commonest style we use in dermatology and aesthetic clinics for medi-facials because it allows the user to have 100% control. The key here is also to appreciate that there is minimal skin abrasion for individuals who suffer from very sensitive skin. While silicone and brush cleansers may be adapted for sensitive skin, there is still a certain amount of friction that cannot be avoided.

With the Blade Style Sonic Cleanser, the benefit is that the natural curve of the device is designed such that there is no frictional contact with skin and it can effectively perform the function of sonic cleansing without aggravating any sort of skin sensitivity. This is achieved via the proprietary angle built into the curvature of the stainless steel blade. By minimizing friction on the skin, devices like the Blade Style Sonic Facial Cleanser for acne is ideal in terms of design for sensitive skin users who desire mechanical exfoliation that does not irritate. 

Blade Style Sonic Facial Cleanser 2
The Blade Style Sonic Cleanser is modeled after the original korean sonic cleanser used in dermatology clinics. Dermatologist-recommended facial cleansing device for all skin types. Dual function sonic cleansing and antioxidant infusion treatment with single mode.

The Blade Style Sonic Facial Cleanser for acne is critically designed to withstand the humid environments of bathrooms as well as tropical climates like in Singapore, where we are based in. It is also a highly hygienic material that resists the growth of bacteria to a much larger extent than silicone or brush-style sonic cleansing heads.

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