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Fun Learning with Singapore Dermatologist on TikTok & Instagram

October 19, 2022
Dermatologist on TikTok #LearningIsFun

We are excited to introduce a brand new skincare educational series under our clinic, with our dermatologist on TikTok and Instagram, designed to bring some entertainment to education! Join us for this special installment on acne causes, treatment and hacks with Dr. Teo Wan Lin and her jack russell Ash. 

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Table of Contents

ABCs of Dermatology on TikTok #LearningIsFun 
#1 Acne: Acne vs Perioral Dermatitis

Acne TikTok

There will be 2 parts to each segment, the fun part, where her ADHD dog tries to listen to her mini-lecture on acne, and the second less fun part which we hope you will watch too, where serious acne skincare tips are being doled out. 

Jack Russell on TikTok

If you enjoy information being given out in short, entertaining snippets, be sure to join us because we think you will love it! Are you ready? 

Singapore Dermatologist on TikTok & Instagram

“I think that the opportunity for dermatologists to educate on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram is really good. The skincare and beauty market is also switching to a more science-based voice, so consumers are looking for educators that they may make the right decisions about their skincare.” Dr. Teo Wan Lin, dermatologist at TWL Specialist Skin & Laser Centre 

Dermatologist on TikTok to follow

Many people think that skincare is simply about beauty and looking good, but in fact skincare is as important as keeping your entire body healthy with good food and exercise. Hence the need to get correct educational tips from the skin expert in order to decide what is best for you. While social media has been blamed for starting all sorts of trends that may not be good for us, it can also be used as a powerful force for good.

For example, the combination of education and entertainment is clearly what the #LearningIsFun series on TikTok is about. We do know that as important as it is to get correct information from the skin experts, it’s also equally critical that content is delivered in a way that is palatable. In today’s world dominated by social media like Instagram and TikTok, that means short form content trumps traditional ways of delivering lectures. 

Why is a dermatologist on TikTok and Instagram?

Instagram and TikTok dominates as the main social media consumption of the millennials. Studies have shown this has impacted the attention span of users. While that can be a point of contention, it’s important to note that we can harness that to improve the delivery of information in a positive way. Also, it’s important to remain lighthearted in all of this, to ensure that we not just end up more knowledgeable, but happier too.

As a dermatology practice we are acutely aware of the emotional and psychological stress felt by patients suffering dermatological conditions like acne and eczema. Studies show that acne and eczema direct impacts on the quality of life. Stress, depression and anxiety can all depress the immune system and cause worsening flare ups of the disease.

Medical Influencers, including dermatologist on TikTok and Instagram can be a force for good

The rise of the term medical influencers worldwide has led to a burgeoning growth of medical information now available on social media. What is your take on it? Well, first of all it can be a way to obtain better quality advice (not to be construed as medical advice, which is subject to governing medical councils of respective countries of the practitioners), on certain topics. For us, it is all about skin, the largest organ of the body!

Why is caring for the skin on your body important? 

The skin is the largest organ of the body, its as important as the heart and lungs. Many think that just because its “superficial” its less important. Also too much emphasis has been placed by the beauty/medical aesthetics industry on how the  “perfect” face and body should look like, that they forget about skin health. Aging occurs throughout the entire body systems. If you are healthy, chances are your skin will be healthy too. That’s why i prefer to focus on skin health rather than “aesthetics”, which the public must realise is not a recognised field of medical specialisation by the health authorities.

What “dangers” can come about if we don’t look after the rest of our body? Are we at greater risk for skin cancer? Dehydration? Other more serious issues? 

Dry skin is the commonest condition affecting body skin as one ages. Eczema cracquele also known as asteatotic eczema  is common with advanced age. This is from reduction in natural sebum production as one ages, also the deteoriation of the skin barrier. 

Looking for Skincare, Haircare and Bodycare advice from dermatologist on TikTok and Instagram? It’s important to discern from whom and where you get the information from. Check the doctor’s board certification, if indeed they are board certified dermatologists.

Medical Advice on TikTok 

Doctors are now reaching to their patients via TikTok and creating content that is engaging and also different!  Gone are the usual medical jargon, rather the best style is now in easier, bite-sized formats.

@drteowanlin #healthy #diet #learningisfun #recipe #recipesoftiktok #cookingathometiktoktv ♬ Happy Vibes – GNL

Dr. Teo Wan Lin, our dermatologist on TikTok has her own account @drteowanlin and has been sharing and demonstrating how to look after our skin/ hair as well as some glimpses into her lifestyle. Including her emphasis on eating a healthy diet.

@drteowanlin How to make plant based pesto #plantbased #plantbasedrecipes #healthydiet #healthyeating #plantfoods #plantfood #dermatologist #dermatologistontiktok #tiktokdoctor #tiktoksg ♬ Recipe – 4L Gang

Singapore dermatologist on TikTok and Instagram Talking Haircare

Why talk about the scalp? Is scalp care just as important for anti-ageing?  

Yes. A healthy scalp means healthy follicles which means beautiful hair. Hair tensile strength, elasticity, shine are some visible parameters used to measure the health of the hair. The scalp can suffer oxidative from environmental damage and physiological aging. Antioxidant scalp serums for example copper peptide serum is what I recommend for scalp antiaging to strengthen the follicles and improve hair quality 

Asking Dr. TWL why she chose to go as a dermatologist on TikTok and Instagram to share about dermatology, skincare and haircare

Why TikTok as one of your channels? 

It’s a great tool for video creation, has fun effects and is more relaxed than Instagram! I also like the flexibility of not having to curate or plan your feed. It so spontaneous and really fun actually.

What content do you share as a dermatologist on TikTok? 

I started with offering mini skincare and haircare masterclasses as a dermatologist on TikTok last year. I do collaborate with brands for the production of educational material via my podcast Dermatologist Talks Science of Beauty, and also help record and produce masterclasses on selected dermatology related topics. So my initial TikTok videos on skincare and haircare featured nippets from my full length masterclasses. The crucial difference between TikTok and YouTube example is that you need to whittle everything down to bite sized information. At the same time keep it relevant and engaging.

What’s your favorite TikTok Masterclass created under #LearningIsFun Series to date?

The series on “the Brain and Acne” is my favorite. I included snippets from my latest book launch in January, the Acne Care bible.  I talk  about acne excoriee, which is actually a psychodermatological condition. It affects acne sufferers but also can be the main reason why someone who actually doesn’t have severe acne is not responding to medical treatment. The answer?… well it could really be in the brain. 

How do you think your followers and the medical community respond to you being a dermatologist on TikTok and Instagram ?

I think its great that more and more dermatologists are getting on TikTok and Instagram. “It’s a great platform for education and sharing that’s also fun! It  is interesting to read comments sometimes, which can be brutally honest to the extent i find it funny. Like, so what is the point of this video? Haha. TikTok is very addictive, but not in a bad way.

Ask a Dermatologist on TikTok: Is what’s trendy true?

What is trending  is not always effective or even proven. Learning to discern what’s “legit” advice on Tiktok is even harder in the field of skincare and dermatology. What people do not realize is that the skin is considered a true organ of the body just very much like the hearts and the lungs. The skin of the face is not different from the on the body when it ages, but somehow, we always focus on the face- because that’s where the marketing dollars are.  

Our Dermatologist on TikTok gives Top Tips in bite sized formats

Care for your whole skin, not just your face!

I feel that it often is a little too late when we realize that the skin on our hands or on the rest of our body has problems. Asteatotic eczema, which is a form of age related skin dryness. It appears in the form of cracked skin appearance also known as eczema craquele. 

Sun protection is important but also sun avoidance!

In terms of sun protection, I think there is a proportionate risk of sun exposure sunburns as well as developing skin cancers. 

Want healthy hair? Get a healthy scalp first!

Scalp care is very important because it is the is exactly is where hair grows. Want healthy hair? Focus on your scalp. Anti aging itself off the scalp means that you reduce oxidative stress. Scalp care can also restore any balance in the microbiome.

Dandruff caused by?

Seborrheic dermatitis is the medical term for dandruff which can happen to anyone at any age! The tendency to develop it is influenced by external environmental factors as well as genetics. 

What makes your content different from influencer accounts by skincare doctor or even other dermatologist on TikTok?

I personally love using TikTok because its just so fun and entertaining. I don’t feel stressed about recording in the app because it is so user friendly. It’s quite refreshing once you get onto it. I know that a lot of medical doctors they primarily share medical advice and tips on skincare for example or common skin conditions. I mixed it up a little bit because I feel that my personality is is slightly different. 

What can we expect to see on your TikTok and Instagram accounts this year and next ?

TikTok is really versatile in terms of what styles I can use. For example I use it for my book launches to create a series of mini master classes under the #booktok hashtag where I also can share with avid bookworms like myself. For longer form content they can head over to my podcast website for the full length master classes which are hosted on my podcast. 

What is your wish for your audience as a dermatologist on TikTok and Instagram?

Please do let me know what you like and don’t like to see. It’s all about learning to adjust to what the current taste in media consumption is. But what I want to let them know is this – learning is fun on TikTok and Instagram but also be very discerning about the type of information, I think it’s really hard personally for there to be any sort of regulation.

Laypersons also can’t really tell the difference between self professed skincare doctors who actually may not be dermatologists, but general practitioners who give skin care advice. They may be doing a good job, but the public should know who a dermatologist is. The Dermatological Society of Singapore has an ongoing campaign to educate the public on who a dermatologist is. So always check your dermatologist sport accreditation and always do your own research.

Tackling dermatology with a dose of humour, helps too!

If you are searching for skincare tips online, it is our sincere wish that you may find this series helpful. And hopefully, entertaining as well. We would love for you to share this with your friends and family, who may also be suffering from skin issues, or simply seeking to improve their knowledge of skin health. Afterall, skin is the largest organ of the body. 

#LearningIsFun with Dr.TWL 

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First, we invite you to follow her @drteowanlin, our dermatologist on TikTok and Instagram where you can get access to all the latest video tips and giveaways of her books. So you don’t miss out! Be sure to leave your comments or questions too on her posts because you get a chance to be featured on her next video!

Dermatologist Spotlight on Adult Acne 

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In this video, Dr. Teo Wan Lin, Singapore dermatologist on TikTok, shares her best tips on adult acne. Check out the entire video collection and more in this #LearningIsFun series with skincare education tips for you and your family!

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