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Skincare Bible: The Must-Read Skincare Book & Beauty Tool for 2023

November 21, 2022

Dr. Teo Wan Lin is an international beauty KOL and the host of beauty podcast Dermatologist Talks Science of Beauty. As an accredited dermatologist and the author of the Skincare Bible, she was featured as the only South East Asian representative on Dior Beauty’s inaugural Digital Skincare Talks in 2020 with Philip Picardi and Gisele Bundchen. She is also an author of several books on skincare and haircare. The Skincare Bible is the first beauty book recommended in the series which sets the foundation for solid understanding in skincare science for all readers. Available on Amazon as hardback, paperback and kindle edition.

Dr Teo Wan Lin Singapore Dermatologist Treats Hormonal Acne

The ideal skincare reference book is one that is comprehensive, ticks all the boxes for our frequently asked questions, and also easy to read. Does the Skincare Bible by Singapore dermatologist Dr. Teo Wan Lin meet these standards? An all in one skincyclopedia is every skincare enthusiast’s beauty must have. Read on to discover what this book offers.


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Why you should have a skincare bible 

Learning is the most important thing to do for yourself this coming year. Knowledge is power and skincare empowerment doesn’t come with purchasing more products. For skincare, empowering yourself with solid knowledge is the best thing. This enables you to discern between marketing hype and make your skinvestment worth it! We know how skincare products aren’t cheap. However, sometimes drugstore alternatives can help troubled skin much better than expensive luxury skincare. A good guide can help you make this decision. This is why a skincare bible may just be the beauty tool you need for your new year skin resolution!

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Which skincare bible to choose?

A skincare bible is a cute term for a comprehensive skin encyclopedia. We aren’t expecting to become skin experts overnight, but it helps to have a book reference that teaches us how to! Googling for skincare knowledge online? That’s great because many websites like the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology provides public education articles on important topics like basic skincare. However, this is where this book makes all the difference.

You get answers to the most frequently asked questions about skincare, from basic to advanced. More than that, in the Skincare Bible Dermatologist’s Tips on Cosmeceutical Skincare, the author promises answers to questions posed by the most seasoned beauty journalists, a compilation over her decade long career in beauty. Best of all, it’s the most current version written by any dermatologist and featuring regular updates from questions asked by beauty lovers on the author’s podcast. Evergreen content such as acne, eczema and rosacea tips initially tailored for the clinic’s patients is compiled in this useful skincare book.

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How much does the skincare bible cost and is it worth it?

You can get the e-book download on Kindle at $8.99 which comes with a complimentary digital video masterclass. If you prefer a physical copy, head over to where you will get a complimentary sunscreen with the hardcover edition at $49.90 whilst stocks last. Based on our research,  this is the only skincare that offers a digital video masterclass included in the book. In this comprehensive 5 section video masterclass, topics on cosmeceuticals, common skin disorders like acne, pigmentation, eczema and skin sensitivity are covered by Dr. Teo Wan Lin. 

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Why you will love the Skincare Bible by Dr.TWL

It is well laid out, detailed and organised. It’s also easy to read with images interspersed between text. Best of all, it seems designed for millennial readers who much prefer learning in an FAQ format. The book has been quoted by and used as a reference book international beauty journalists on important skincare topics as well!

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What’s in the Skincare Bible?

The book is organised according to major themes. For all book lovers out there, we know you value previews before investing in new books. We’ ve included a preview here so you know what you are getting!

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Skincare Bible Book Review 

What else is included that makes it different from other skincare bibles?

This skincare bible is the millennial beauty edit to get your hands on. Written by an expert who actually knows the inner workings of a skincare manufacturing business, the Skincare Bible is not just the opinion of an academic dermatologist. Dr. Teo is the chief scientific officer of Asian beauty brand Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals, featured in media internationally as an established dermatologist formulated line. This way you truly get the behind the scenes look at the skincare industry for what it is, sans marketing and celebrity endorsements.

Imagine getting behind the closed doors of a dermatologist’s office- and asking the million questions you’ve always had. Well, this book is written to satisfy the curiosity of the most hard core beauty enthusiast ever. The FAQ style breaks down questions and answers in easily digestible formats. The way the questions are presented and ordered is intuitive, building on simpler concepts before advancing to more complex skincare topics. 

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Where can I get a copy of the Skincare Bible?

If you live in Singapore, purchase a copy of the e-book or hard copy at Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals. If you are based in the US or the rest of the world, check out Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books and Scribd.

Information from the publisher

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This Skincare Bible is a Millennial Beauty Edit that imparts advanced skincare knowledge. Board-certified Singapore dermatologist and host of beauty podcast Dermatologist Talks Science of Beauty, Dr. Teo Wan Lin answers all your skincare questions in this comprehensive skincare encyclopedia. The skincare bible is part of the Beauty Bible Series which comes with a beauty guarantee. If you still have an unanswered question – send it to and Dr.TWL will answer it on her podcast as a featured question.

A worthy skin investment that will be continually updated, sign up for our mailing list at  to get lifetime bonus masterclasses and updates to the e-book with a single purchase today entitles you to have any of your skincare questions answered separately, with your question featured plus a bonus FREE Beauty & The Brain coloring gift set for our Skincare Bible Podcast Anniversary Special!*

Beauty Bible Guarantee Launch Special 

Complete Skincare Masterclass Video Course & Bonus Lecture Notes

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Includes access to 5 demonstrative video lectures. Concepts in dermatological science, Skin disorders & cosmetic effects, Functional dermatology, Skincare fundamentals, Tips for masking better*

Why this is the best skincare bible for all your skincare questions

Imagine a comprehensive encyclopedia of skincare questions asked by seasoned beauty journalists, actual sufferers of skin conditions and hardcore skin enthusiasts. The skincare bible is a compilation designed to  up your skincare skills and knowledge. Written by accredited dermatologist Dr. Teo Wan Lin also the host of Asia’s premier beauty podcast Dermatologist Talks: Science of Beauty. Her beauty podcast has collaborated with major beauty brands worldwide including the AMORE-Pacific group (LANEIGE), Eucerin, Dior Beauty, Skinceuticals, FOREO and the L’Oréal group. 

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Who was the skincare bible written for? 

Initially written for her patients at TWL Specialist Skin & Laser Centre as a way to encourage and advance skincare knowledge, the skincare bible has grown to become a widely referenced beauty encyclopedia by industry insiders. Skincare pearls from behind the doors of the dermatologist’s office made available in a readily accessible FAQ format. This book is a trusted resource of skincare advice widely quoted by beauty writers.

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What are the skills of a basic to advanced skincare analysis and consultation?

If you are already in the beauty industry, working as an aesthetician or an aesthetic doctor, you will also find this book helpful. The Skincare Bible is the perfect reference book on beauty regimes-backed by the latest science. Offer the best to your clients and patients by upgrading your knowledge. Get educated on cosmetic science principles behind skincare vehicles- the science and art of dermatology. Learn the true differences between a serum, lotion and a cream, why and when these are indicated. Most of all, this skincare bible is designed for you. Become the master of the art of skincare, tailored to you. 

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