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Skincare Blueprint by Dr.TWL

Skincare Blueprint: Radical Glow Up From Within

A Complete Beauty Bible With Outstanding Visuals, Bullet-Style Lecture Notes & Audiovisual Workshops

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Welcome to Skincare Blueprint: Radical Glow Up From Within. I’m Dr. Teo Wan Lin, a board-certified dermatologist and the host of leading beauty podcast Dermatologist Talks: Science of Beauty, which has collaborated with industry giants such as LVMH, Amore-Pacific and L’Oreal Paris amongst others for skincare education. Sign Up for the Newsletter via the form below (*indicates required).

    The Skincare Blueprint: Your Guide to Holistic Skin Health Inside Out
    I created this skincare blueprint as a means to empower you with skincare knowledge that will radicalize the way you approach your self-care routine—mind, skin and gut (what the aesthetic industry really doesn’t want you to know). I’ve also included comprehensive tutorials on skincare routines fighting hormonal acne, sensitive and aging skin.

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    In our weekly newsletter, you’ll receive in-depth coverage of the latest skincare trends and a step-by-step actionable plan based on your skin type. I’ll coach you to hack the gut-brain-skin axis with edible beauty, mindfulness and a targeted cosmeceutical regimen for a glow-up inside out.


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