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Skincare Makeup Lab – Color Correction Services

As of August 2019, the new clinic premises at Royal Square Novena Medical Suites features Pi- π –The Cosmeceutical Custom Makeup Lab — a customised cosmeceutical makeup and lipstick laboratory, with an on-site chemist and colour scientist working under our dermatologist to provide fully bespoke makeup with cosmeceutical bases for anti-ageing. All pigments used are 100% FDA-approved pure minerals for sensitive areas such as the lips and eyes, and do not carry any risk of causing skin sensitivity or allergies. Colour Correction concealers, foundations and CC creams perfectly customised to any skin tone, are available for sensitive skin patients who require cosmetic camouflage while on skin treatment.

For makeup aficionados, Dr. TWL’s Custom Makeup Lab offers the perfect avenue to incorporate cosmeceuticals like oligopeptides and antioxidants into their makeup products. 

Custom Lip Lab Cosmeceutical Makeup

The flagship offering of the September 2019 Launch is the Dr.TWL Lip Lab—currently the first and only dermatologist-developed customised lip laboratory in the world focussing on anti-ageing lip cosmeceuticals readily customised to any shade desired. Lipsticks, lip balms and lip glosses with evidence based cosmeceutical active ingredients. The key ingredient is that of Salmon Roe DNA, which stimulates collagen regeneration. Find out more here.

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