Dermatologist’s Best Guide to Cosmeceutical Skincare

October 23, 2017
What is cosmeceutical skincare? Cosmeceuticals refer to skincare that has been developed from the combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. They have medical or drug-like benefits, such as improving appearance through its ability to affect the structure and function of the skin and are recognised by dermatologists. As cosmeceutical skincare contains bioactive ingredients, which means it has… View Article

Dermatologist’s Expert Guide to Acne Scars Treatment

October 3, 2017
What is Acne Scars Treatment? Acne Scar Treatment is a series of refined dermatological techniques which are performed on a patient to improve the appearance of his/her skin and to boost his/her self-esteem. Who is Acne Scars Treatment for? Acne Scar Treatment is for those with deep permanent scars such as pitting or crater-like scars… View Article

Chemical Peel Treatment Simplified by a Dermatologist

May 12, 2017
By Dr. Teo Wan Lin, Consultant Dermatologist at TWL Specialist Skin & Laser Centre What is a chemical peel treatment? A chemical peel is a dermatological treatment method used to enhance the appearance of skin on the face, neck, and hands. A chemical solution (usually a weak acid) is then applied to the skin and… View Article