Face Lift by Dermatologist: Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatment

March 14, 2020
The Dr.TWL 360 Degrees Face Lift System “I am a strong believer that natural beauty reflects honesty and authenticity, an approach I take as a dermatologist— sharing the truth about skin.  Our pursuit of beauty should always celebrate individuality over vanity, I always emphasise that beauty starts with an inner consciousness and empowerment,  starting with… View Article

How to eliminate stretch marks

February 24, 2019
Stretch marks are extremely common. Yet, those squiggly lines on your skin are never welcomed. While such forms of dermal scarring are not medically dangerous, it can be aesthetically unpleasant to patients, causing distress. Common occurrence of stretch marks includes the thigh, buttock, lower back, chest, upper arm and knee. Striae rubrae and striae albae… View Article

Comprehensive Guide to Enlarged Pores & Treatments

August 24, 2018
Enlarged facial pores are a cosmetic concern that plague individuals with oily skin types. Even though this condition besets a majority of individuals, especially those who live in humid climates, treatment options for large pores are elusive or unreliable. Large pores may not be health-threatening or a disease symptom, but they can be the reason why we… View Article