Dermatologist’s Best Guide to Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (AHA) Facial Treatments

May 31, 2018
Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (AHA) Facial Treatments Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) are naturally-occurring compounds possessing unparalleled benefits to the skin and extensively used in a dermatologist’s office. Most AHAs are non-toxic and are often present in food and fruits, thus also known as fruit acids. The types of AHA used commonly for cosmetic purposes are glycolic… View Article

Dermatologist Best Guide to HIFU Sygmalift vs Ultherapy

December 15, 2017
People have been increasingly conscious about aging and the effects of aging on appearance. Skin aging will cause facial wrinkles and decreased collagen. Maintaining a youthful appearance seems to be the trend and many have resorted to skin treatments. There are many treatments like chemical peels, fractional laser and more but recently, ultrasound has been… View Article

Why Your Dermatologist Would Recommend Soft tissue fillers

October 3, 2017
What are soft tissue fillers? Soft tissue fillers are injectables that aim to reduce wrinkles, hollows, and furrows or “plump up” or the skin to give the skin a smoother and more pleasing appearance. Derived from either natural or synthetic substance, these fillers are effective at contouring specific areas of the face, such as around… View Article

Dermal Fillers? The Fountain of Youth Recommended by Dermatologists

September 27, 2017
Known for her overtly luscious pout, Kylie Jenner has created a buzz around dermal fillers. For those who are looking to enhance their appearance without wanting to go under the knife or suffer the healing downtime drinking pumpkin soups, dermal fillers are an excellent semi-permanent and in some cases permanent option. Propitious to give you… View Article

Botox Treatment Simplified by a Dermatologist

September 25, 2017
Botox treatments were originally introduced as medical treatments for muscle spasticity such as cerebral palsy, some forms of headaches and reducing excessive localised sweating in the armpits. The treatment has come a long way since in making an impressionable mark in the beauty industry. Botox are now a highly sought after, non-invasive and successful medical… View Article