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5 Beauty Podcast(s) to Binge Listen in December

November 30, 2022

Searching for the best beauty podcast? We would love to introduce 5 of our favorite shows hosted by none other than our dermatologist Dr. Teo Wan Lin, also known as Dr.TWL. Scroll on for a quick review of what to expect! 

If you have been living under a rock, then you may need a bit of introduction to the idea of beauty podcasts. Which we are happy to share here since there are truly so many benefits to subscribing to podcasts as a form of edu-tainment. Edu-what?

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Edutainment is a blend of the words education and entertainment. So these days, the media trend is towards not just entertaining, but also educating the audience. Podcast media is one of the best to get edutained! How do you choose the best beauty podcast for your needs?

Why should I listen to a beauty podcast?

Similarly to choosing your favourite beauty magazine, which if you grew up in the 90s or earlier, was the only way you accessed the top beauty trends around the world. With the proliferation of the internet in the last decade, information dissemination is a lot more equitable. The speed and quantity which content is generated then becomes the key factor in determining the value of the media outlet. Besides fresh content, we also appreciate quality over quantity. So we guarantee that these beauty podcasts produced in collaboration with the TWL Publishing arm meet these criteria!

Beauty Podcast to listen to get smart & philosophical

 #1 Dermatologist Talks: Science of Beauty 

Science of Beauty Podcast
By Dr. Teo Wan Lin 

A beauty podcast for the intellectual beauty in you. You may have heard of the term intelligent beauty being used to market aesthetic procedures and cosmetic dermatology. However, there is an alternative interpretation, according to Dr. TWL, the host of Dermatologist Talks: Science of Beauty. Intelligent beauty referring to how your brain can literally be the best tool to transform your into the beauty you were meant to be. A podcast about neuroaesthetics, the science of how the brain perceives beauty, especially on the topic of art influencing our aesthetic experiences. The role of memory, imagination and even play, in the realm of aesthetics.  

Why you will love this beauty podcast

This podcast is truly one of its kind- tackling the topic of the science of beauty from a novel angle, inspiring all of us with its health-centric perspectives as opposed to voices that merely echo consumerist sentiments. It also earns a spot as a favorite on Spotify’s featured beauty podcasts, another reason to follow this!

Best Beauty Podcast for edutainment

#2 Girls With Long Hair, Need Hair Elastics

Girls with Long Hair Podcast
By Dr. Teo Wan Lin & Dr.TWL Pharmacy 

Girls with long hair is the beauty podcast to get entertained and educated at the same time. Join Dr TWL on a quirky journey recounting her days as a model and her beauty struggles. Mostly revolving around her hair. Expect haircare tips and heartfelt confessions about her hair obsessions along with satire and hopefully some helpful life lessons. Want a podcast that’s both funny and educational? Girls With Long Hair is a beauty show like no other hosted by Dr. Teo Wan Lin, also known as Dr.TWL, board certified dermatologist from Singapore and international beauty KOL that has collaborated with top brands like Dior Beauty, Laneige, Skinceuticals and Eucerin. 

Why this podcast will entertain, comfort and inspire you

If you enjoy listening to stories, this podcast will tick the boxes for you. Told in a casual manner with quirky weird background music, it is a show designed to entertain but also to put a light hearted spin on beauty woes that trouble all girls. Does being born a woman come with the curse of beauty? Is beauty a curse or a blessing? More reflections and insights told in a comedic setting by Dr.TWL.

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The Beauty Podcast for beauty sleep

#3 Sleeping Beauty-Dream for Beauty Sleep

Sleeping Beauty Podcast
By Dr Teo Wan Lin & Phygiart

Enter the Surreal Garden of Dreams with Dr.TWL in this podcast dedicated to the art of beauty sleep. A companion audio guide to the adult bedtime coloring book Secret Garden of Dreams. Experience surreal beauty & flowers in your dreams for a night of beauty sleep. 

Why the only podcast on beauty sleep is the beauty podcast you must follow

Pretty self explanatory, no?  In any case this novel approach to beauty is a followup to Dr Teo’s research in the brain skin connection and its relevance to beauty. Exploring the realm of the imagination via dreams is a reflex adopted by the hippocampus, to consolidate memories and to keep our minds healthy. Research also shows that a well rested individual is likely to be perceived as more attractive to others, besides what we already know about our skin cells regenerating while we sleep. 

Beauty Podcast about Asian beauty for skincare lovers 

#4 Asian Beauty Secrets by Dr.TWL

Asian Beauty Secrets Podcast
By Dr. Teo Wan Lin

Asian beauty’s riposte to the skin cycling trend comes in the form of ancient herbs used in eastern ethnobotany. This beauty podcast is based on the book Asian Beauty Secrets- Complete Skincare guide to Korean Skin Cycling by Dr Teo Wan Lin available on Amazon Kindle, Apple Books and Barnes & Noble.

Fun fact, the beauty podcast cover image is a Chinese painting by Dr.TWL herself, of her pet canary Guinness. Aptly subtitled “little bird whispers”, this beauty podcast promises to spill the beans on the best kept Asian beauty secrets. Beginning with how harnessing plant intelligence is the key to retinol-free cosmeceuticals, the podcast offers bonus tips on how to recreate Korean glass skin with the help of DIY home medifacial hacks.

What is different about this beauty podcast?

To our knowledge, this is the only Asian beauty podcast hosted by a board certified dermatologist specifically addressing the latest TikTok trend of skin cycling with regards to retinol/retinoid based skincare regimens. Dr. Teo expounds on how plant biology offers insights into the aging skin exposome, a unique perspective backed up by her personal research in ethnobotany. 

A Beauty Podcast on acne for teenage and adult hormonal acne

#5 The Acne Podcast

The Acne Podcast
By Dr. Teo Wan Lin & Dr.TWL Pharmacy 

If you are familiar with the Acne Care Bible by Dr Teo Wan Lin, this podcast is the ideal companion to your acne encyclopedia collection. Acne is one of the commonest dermatological conditions but it is also by no means the simplest to tackle. Besides, the immense psychosocial impact of acne is well known- affecting self esteem and causing psychological issues like depression and anxiety. The podcast features discussions on skincare for acne sufferers, especially with regards to options apart from oral medications. 

What does this beauty podcast offer?

An in-depth review on the who, what, when, where and how of acne, by a board certified dermatologist who also happens to be the chief scientific officer of a well known skincare brand Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals. Get an insider look into the business of skincare for acne, as well as dermatologist tips on how to tackle blemishes at home.

All these beauty podcasts are available on Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts.You may follow Dr Teo Wan Lin on her Instagram @drteowanlin to stay updated on the latest in her work in beauty.

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