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Asian Beauty Secrets: Dermatologist Skincare K-Beauty Tips

November 5, 2022

Our dermatologist, Dr. Teo Wan Lin’s latest book – Asian Beauty Secrets: Korean Skin Cycling with Plant-based, Natural Ingredients is now published on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble. This is an interview with her on the inspiration behind the book as well as what to expect in this edition.

Insider Asian Beauty Secrets
Dr. Teo Wan Lin featured on Insider for her expert tips on K-Beauty skincare and her book Asian Beauty Secrets.
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    Why did you decide to write this book?

    My patients are familiar with the Skincare Bible: Dermatologist’s Tips on Cosmeceutical Skincare. This was published in 2019 as a complete compilation of FAQ on skincare regimens and common dermatological conditions like acne rosacea and eczema. We have had great feedback with the original skincare bible. Within a dermatologist’s consult, it was not always possible to explain everything in detail because of time constraints. However, the original skincare bible served as a great platform for patients and readers alike to advance their skincare knowledge. Written in an FAQ style, the topics covered are evergreen, timeless essentials like the basics of skincare. 

    Dermatologist Asian Beauty Secrets

    The Asian Beauty Secrets Book can be considered as a sequel to the Skincare Bible. I have been spending the last 3 years in cosmeceutical research focusing on eastern ethnobotany, a burgeoning field in dermatology and cosmeceuticals. My work as the scientific officer lead in Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals involves selection of high potential cosmeceuticals for product development. Particularly relevant is the  application of botanicals for true dermatological conditions like acne and eczema. This book also examines the potential for retinol alternatives like bakuchiol in anti-aging. 

    @drteowanlin Here’s the skincare guide to read before 2023 Why You Will Love This: – Comprehensive Asian skincare bible on regimens & actives – Asian beauty’s gut-skin microbiome approach – Written by board certified dermatologist & expert on beauty formulations – Scientific approach to the ancient art of ethnobotany – Harness plant intelligence to create the ideal skincare regimen – Dictionary of Asian beauty plant actives categorised by plant parts – Discover nature’s own plant-based skin cycling formulas Asian Beauty Secrets: Hello to Plant-Powered Skin Cycling Say bye to DIY Skin-Cycling. Here’s how. With skin cycling all the rage on TikTok, we reveal how hidden intelligence of plant extracts facilitates natural skin cycling. In fact, the better way is to identify whole plant actives, nature’s ready made skincare actives, that work on multiple cellular pathways to mitigate irritation & are universally tolerable. #dermatologist #beautyhack #skincareguide #skincycling #skincareroutine #skincyclingresults #skincyclingnight2 #dermatologistontiktok #tiktokderm #dermdoctor #drtwl #skincaretips #booktok #booktoker ♬ Ballet song like “Waltz of flowers” _3 minutes(965255) – yulu-ism project

    Define Asian beauty secrets. What makes Asian beauty unique and also what secrets are there?

    Asian beauty secrets is not just a buzzword. From my perspective as a dermatologist, Asian beauty is important as it is relevant for skin of color. Asian skin is dramatically different from Caucasian skin. Pigmented skin types have increased risk of developing post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This applies to cosmetic treatments like lasers, chemical peels and retinol/retinoid based skincare.

    What is fascinating is that ethnobotany, a traditional field where botanicals are studied for their pharmacological effects provides answers in dermatology.

    Bakuchiol for instance is used in K-beauty, with Korean dermatology research showing that it has similar effects on skin as retinol does, but without side effects. 

    C-beauty is less known but equally relevant and fascinating. What we are learning now in terms of the gut-skin microbiome, is an inherent principle in traditional Chinese medicine. What we eat affects the gut microbiome, which in turn impacts skin.

    Dermatologist Asian Beauty Secret #1

    The Modern Science of an Ancient Art: Herbology Meets Dermatology 

    Asian Beauty Secrets is a compendium of skincare tips and hacks. Beginning with the original Korean medi-facial experience with a facial scrubber, to the merits of gua sha and jade rollers. Get behind the scenes tips of dermatology and aesthetic clinics for at-home medifacials. 

    You make a point to include skin cycling in your title “Asian Beauty Secrets: Korean Skin Cycling with Plant-based, Natural Ingredients,” why?

    Skin cycling trending on TikTok took many dermatologists by surprise. After all, this has been practised for decades, probably for as long as retinol has been in existence . Retinol causes skin irritation – nothing new. Reduce frequency of application, increase moisturising in between- these are basic intuitive instructions given by all dermatologists. However, what the trend really showed us was an appetite for cute terms, basically, how information is packaged makes all the difference to today’s Gen-Z consumers. Turning it into a force for good, where powerful educational messages can be sent for betterment, in dermatology a field I have expertise in.. I say why not?

    Plant Intelligence
    Do you know about plant intelligence? Ethnobotany is nature’s very own skin cycling regimen, known as adaptogens. Adaptogens can work  to reduce skin irritation while having anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory effects.
    Let Plants Regulate your Skin Cycle
    Learn The Science & Art of Korean Skin Cycling with Plant Actives. The basis of the manuscript is a plant dictionary in eastern ethnobotany, from K-beauty and C-beauty, a compilation of research by internationally renowned researcher in the skin microbiome, board certified dermatologist Dr. Teo Wan Lin.

    What are 2 key Asian beauty secrets you can share with our readers here?

    (Spoiler alert!)

    Firstly, Asian beauty, particularly C-beauty emphasises the link between the gut and the skin. 

    Want to know the best kept secret of Asian beauty? I begin this book by laying the foundation of the gut-skin connection which is what prompted me to research on the scientific basis of C-beauty herbal tonics. What began as a check on old wives tales I grew up hearing from my grandma on foods good for the skin- turned into a fascinating journey which corroborated many aspects of modern dermatology research emphasising the gut-skin axis.

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    In my previous book – Edible Beauty, I touched on the Gut-Skin connection. The many parallel concepts- from the microbiome to antioxidants suppressing inflammation, inspired the creation of the Beauty Buffet Skincare Regimen. Eating is an intuitive part of life, eating well requires discipline, creativity and knowledge. Similarly, skincare can be as basic as cleansing your face, but this book is all about doing it well. Nutrition benefits our body, and it can also be absorbed through the skin.

    Brain Gut Skin Connection

    Asian Beauty Secret Book Spills the Beans on the Gut-Skin Connection: The Heart of Asian Beauty in Modern Dermatology

    Another discovery in the scientific field is that gut health does impact the brain. It turns out that the gut-skin connection is not the only axis involved in our whole body regulation of skin health. The brain skin connection is one understood by dermatologists who recognised the impact of psychological stress on common dermatological conditions like acne, eczema and rosacea. However, gut health directly impacts psychological wellbeing. For instance nutraceutical dietary interventions improved the overall quality of life for geriatric age groups in recent scientific trials. This prompts us to further investigate the gut-brain-skin axis as one with complex interconnected physiological relationships. 

    Asian Beauty Secret #2: K-Beauty Inspired Approach to At-home Medifacial Hack

    Smart Skin Regimen Asian Beauty Hacks

    We all wonder what makes an effective beauty intervention? In this book,  Dr. Teo spills the beans on K-beauty home facial hacks – the best kept Asian beauty secrets. 

    An easy way to tell is checking if the science behind the intervention impacts any of the following pathways (based on the latest understanding of dermatological research). While many aesthetic treatments do have the intended effect on skin, the longevity and sustainability of the approach is questionable. 

    Dr.TWL Garden Lessons Microbiome Diversity Improves Immune Function

    1. Skin ecology 

    How does the intervention change the skin environment? 

    2. Does it normalise the skin microbiome or does it work as an antibiotic? 

    Microbiome diversity is one of the key markers of a healthy organ. Our body coexists with millions of microbes, maybe more. Each has a key function in regulating the microenvironment. As with our gut, our skin thrives in a diversity of microorganisms. Herein is the fallacy in traditional dermatology practice – we started treating acne with topical antibiotics because they were hailed by drug companies. We quickly found out that they lost effectiveness, because of antibiotic resistance.

    Worse still, our infectious disease colleagues realised there were many more who were developing antibiotic resistance from topical antibiotics being applied on skin.  When drug companies updated their topical antibiotics with benzoyl peroxide, they stated that that reduced bacterial resistance. That however, didn’t prove true in the medium term.

    3. Is there a more sustainable option?

    There must be a better way. This led me to research on one of the oldest practices of pharmacology in the world, ethnobotany. Essentially, I have dedicated my dermatology career to the research and development of plant actives for treatment of various skin conditions. My aim in this book is to bring out the modern science of an ancient art. My hope is that as a dermatologist, my expertise in expounding scientific benefits and debunking skincare myths- without bias will help many who read this book.

    @drteowanlin •Dermatologist Tips for Your Dream Skin• Who says you need retinol for pigmentation? Scutellaria Baicalensis is an eastern herb rich in wogonins, nature’s UV protectant that also treats skin pigmentation #dermatologist #dermatologistrecommended ##kbeauty #kbeautyskincare #foryoupage #foryou #fypシ #fyp #dermatology #asianbeautysecrets #skincycling #skincyclingroutine #skincyclingresults #skincare101 #skintok #dermatologydoctor #learnontiktok #learningisfun #retinoltips ♬ Bach unaccompanied cello suite “Prelude” – Jianteng

    About Asian Beauty Secrets Book on Skincare Routines, K-beauty, C-beauty Trends & Skin Science 

    Get Skincare and Beauty Tips at a Glance 

    A comprehensive yet accessible basic to advanced skincare course by a dermatologist. The science of beauty is also in the art of skincare. This book talks routines accompanied by a complete ingredient directory. Published in the month of October, Dr. Teo includes a bonus chapter on the trending skin cycling regimen. Readers will be delighted that there is a way to hack cumbersome skin cycling with plant-based retinol alternatives like bakuchiol, papain and bromelain. Gain insights into rare medicinal herbs used in traditional chinese medicine that have recently been backed up by dermatology research to be effective in dermatological conditions like acne and eczema. 

    As a K-beauty expert, Dr. Teo shares how Asian beauty formulations first address the microbiome. The skin microenvironment is an ecological system that needs to be respected. Skincare is an integral part of dermatology practice- and is also readily accessible. Discover a dermatologist’s approach to deciphering what works and what doesn’t. This book equips you with tips on how to build a skincare regimen. 

    Kokode Japanese Beauty Feature Dermatologist Dr. Teo Wan Lin

    About the Author:

    Dr. Teo Wan Lin is the chief scientific officer of Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals, one of the leading dermatologist formulated skincare brands in Asia. The cosmeceutical research focuses on ethnobotany, with an emphasis on Asian beauty trends. The brand has its manufacturing and research headquarters collaboration with a leading biotechnology firm in South Korea, the hub of Asian beauty.

    Dr. Teo’s beauty podcast Dermatologist Talks: Science of Beauty is a highly sought-after beauty podcast in Asia, with major brand collaborations since its inception in 2020 including beauty giants like L’Oréal, Eucerin, AMORE Pacific and Skinceuticals. The podcast aims to bring skincare education to the public in an accessible manner. The heart of the podcast centers on the brain-skin connection, an area of Dr. Teo’s research. 

    Finally, an Asian beauty secrets book written by a bona fide scientific voice. Accredited Singapore dermatologist Dr. Teo Wan Lin is an author of books on skincare and haircare- the scientific authority in the world of beauty bibles. Follow her on Instagram and TikTok @drteowanlin. 

    @dr.twlbeautybibles The Beauty Library. Coming Soon #beautytoks #booktok #beautybook #beautybooks #beautytip #beautytips #drtwl #beautylibrary #beautycommunity ♬ Kings & Queens – Ava Max

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