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Best Lip Treatment for Dry Lips: An Expert Guide  

March 2, 2024
Secrets behind the best lip treatment for dry lips: choose the right lipstick base! Dermocosmetics are the gold standard for skincare makeup, combining the best of pharmaceutical benefits with ideal cosmetic effects. The Signature Cosmeceutical Lip Base is now available for bulk purchase for those who wish to try their hand at making their own lipsticks.

In this workshop, we will be covering the following

  • Why skin on the lips is different
  • Common skin conditions affecting the lips
  • Step by Step dermatologist designed lip care protocol
  • How the right lip product can treat lip dryness and aging 

The following is a lip care routine I designed, as part of my work on developing lip cosmeceuticals. 


How is skin on the lips different from the rest of facial skin? 

  • Delicate part of your facial skin 
  • Distinct type of epithelium 
  • Mucosal area
    • Fragile, thinner
    • Readily absorb topicals i.e. systemic absorption into the body

The lips are a delicate part of your facial skin that is distinct because of the type of epithelium that is different from the rest of your facial skin. Because the mucosal area tends to be more delicate, it’s important to understand that mucosal areas often absorb whatever is applied on it – which can lead to absorption into the body system as well. 

Custom Lip Palette Infinity Palette
Learn to make custom lip palettes just like this when you order our kit which comes with a full set of lipstick making tools. Our deeply hydrating phytoceramides formula offers the best lip treatment for dry lips. Salmon Roe DNA also stimulates collagen producing, conferring anti-aging properties.

Aren’t all lipsticks and lip balms edible? What is the difference with a truly edible lip care product?

No. While the ingredients must pass certain regulatory criteria for safety, there are limits to what is considered toxic, in the sense that small quantities of a chemical can be considered safe—but we know that ingesting chemicals isn’t part of our diet. In contrast an edible formula is always going to be preferable over a merely cosmetic formula . The latter may be safe, but not regarded as an edible. 

How can we prevent the signs of lip aging?

The signs of lip aging include the following: wrinkling, dryness, loss of volume and discoloration. A good idea is to plump up your lips with cosmeceuticals that repair the barrier function. Humectants like glycerin and hyaluronic acid for instance work by drawing water from the deeper layers.

What are the functions of the ideal lip care product?

The perfect lip dermocosmetic should target restoration of elasticity, moisture levels, and natural pinkish hue of healthy, youthful looking lips. 

Healthy, youthful looking lips

  • restoration of elasticity
  • moisture levels
  • natural pinkish hue 
drtwl skin bioanalyzer
polysaccharide mask
skin bioanalyzer chart
skin bioanalyzer uses
drtwl skin bioanalyzer
polysaccharide mask
skin bioanalyzer chart
skin bioanalyzer uses
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Part of the comprehensive dry lip treatment products we recommend in our pharmacy is a monitoring device which is the skin hydration analyzer, which is able to measure the ceramide and elastin levels, as well as transepidermal water loss when used over delicate areas such as the lips as well as the eye area.

What are the active ingredients you should look out for in a lip care product?

The following active ingredients are backed by research to deliver the best benefits when it comes to lip care products. Firstly, phytoceramides derived from plant seed oils are effective at replacing and replenishing moisture by literally patching up broken parts of the lip mucosal barrier with lipids. Secondly, I’d look out for grape seed oil, a food derivative used in cosmetic formulations for its potent antioxidant properties. Grape seed oil is actually related to the well-known anti-aging ingredient resveratrol.

What are your top tips on a lip care routine? 

Perfecting a routine depends very much on the products you use and also the sequence and technique of application. I wish to highlight the following 3-step routine which is what I personally recommend to my clients:


Barely There Lip Scrub
The Barely There Lip Scrub is a proprietary formula containing solid state crystals that gently exfoliate your lips at the same time effectively removing rough and dry skin without irritation. What follows is a smooth moisturising serum, leaving you with soft as the crystals dissolve on contact with mucosal skin, leaving smooth and hydrated lips.
  1. Exfoliate with a lip scrub or a washcloth 

Start off with an exfoliating lip scrub. Some lip scrubs available on the market are truly beneficial, these tend to use natural moisturising crystals like sugars which do not irritate delicate mucosal skin but instead dissolve onto the lips while providing a gentle exfoliation effect. Alternatively, you may just use a soft microfibre towel, or cotton pad dampened to gently rub on your lips with Vaseline as a quick way to remove flaky areas without irritating skin.


LipSerum Stick Gender Neutral Clear Color
Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals is a leader in the field of dermatologist-formulated lip care products that has been extensively featured in media including Cosmetics Design Asia, for its pioneering approach to skin tone analysis and complementary color analysis for skin of colour. The LipSerum Stick in Gender Neutral Clear is one of our bestselling products in the pharmacy and is highly recommended for lip treatment and prevention of dry, chapped lips, It contains a hydrating phytoceramide formula that prevents lip eczema, also treating discolouration, wrinkles and loss of volume that can be liberally applied to lips several times a day.
  1. Use a neutral or lightly tinted hydrating lip balm or serum in the day before you apply lipcolor

To fully protect your lips, especially if you wear strong lip colors regularly and for long hours, you should hydrate your lips first with a serum before applying the color lipstick. The ideal lipstick should be one that also has hydrating dermocosmetic properties, but in the case that you are using a regular lipstick, it would reduce the drying effects of intensely pigmented lipsticks. 


Ultra Intensive Treatment Lip Plumper
The Ultra Intensive Lip Plumper is our best-selling lip plumper that also works as an intensive overnight treatment for dry lips. Fortified with grape seed oil and hyaluronic acid, this delivers a potent anti-aging concoction to your lips everytime you apply it.
  1. DIY a night lip treatment mask

Apply your choice of lip treatment by leaving on your favorite lip balm or plumper overnight. For an added boost of moisture, I would recommend implementing the   wet occlusion technique in the form using a wet textile over the plumper. It can be as straightforward as a wet cotton towel or you could use a special material designed to increase absorption, I.e. polysaccharides are a natural plant material known to enhance absorption of topicals.

Final thoughts

This 3-step regimen has been used by my patients who suffer from either aging or dehydrated lips as part of a comprehensive home lip care regimen, starting with exfoliation and emphasis on day time hydration, completed by an intensive overnight leave-on treatment. Where possible, choose skincare makeup. If you suffer from dry lips, It’s also helpful to monitor the hydration levels. 

DIY Lipstick Maker Kit

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