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Private Label Skincare Manufacturer: Dermatologist Formulated K-Beauty Products

June 28, 2023
Dr.TWL Pharmaceuticals Skincare Manufacturer

Dr.TWL Pharmaceuticals Corp. is a dermatologist-formulated private label skincare manufacturer with a presence in Singapore and home of K-beauty, Korea—it is the parent company and manufacturer of prominent clinical skincare brand Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals, established since 2016. Jointly led by board-certified dermatologist Dr Teo Wan Lin and pharmaceutical engineer Mr Teo Zhi Liang, Dr.TWL Pharmaceuticals provides a one-stop OEM/ODM service for skincare brands, with expertise in dermatologist-formulated cosmeceuticals/dermocosmetics as well as skincare/haircare devices. 

1-Stop Skincare Manufacturer

With existing EURO ISO22716 manufacturing facilities & R&D headquarters in the Asia-Pacific region—Seoul, the hub of K-beauty and the luxury skincare market in Singapore since 2016. The corporation draws on its wealth of expertise to provide premium private label skincare and haircare services in the highly competitive luxury skincare market. 


Businesses only with valid business registration. For enquiries and a quote: please fill up the following form. We will get back to you within 3 working days. UPDATE: Enrolment for OEM/ODM 2024-25 is full. To apply for distributorship of our in house Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals brand, fill up the form here.

    Skincare Manufacturing Collaboration Opportunities

    Who we serve

    We are the skincare manufacturer behind prominent clinical skincare brand Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals, an in-house cosmeceutical brand tied with one of Singapore’s top dermatology practices. Our B2B services are set to launch in Q4 2023—offering private label OEM and ODM services for skincare, haircare and device manufacturing.

    Dermatologist Formulated Private Label Skincare Manufacturer

    Why choose us: dermatologist-formulated cosmeceuticals

    As the manufacturer of one of Asia’s most prominent clinical skincare brands, Dr.TWL Pharmaceuticals offers dermatologist formulated private label skincare manufacturing for aesthetic and dermatology clinics. 

    Skincare, haircare, devices and makeup manufacturing with international doorstep fulfilment 

    Choose us as your one-stop skincare manufacturer—our in-house team will be able to advise you on private label home devices engineered under our Biomaterials arm.

    For those who are interested in lower MOQ/trial basis, find out more about our B2B custom makeup and medi-essence service at +65 97286734 (Mobile/WhatsApp).

    Top Haircare & Skincare Devices Modeled After Clinic Technologies

    Hypoallergenic sensorial skincare

    We specialise in the creation of dermatologist-approved, minimally allergenic sensorial skincare in keeping with top-of-line cosmeceuticals with enhanced cosmetic accceptability. Our hypoallergenic fragrances have been extensively studied and tested to be safe on universal skin types, including problem skin. 

    Cosmetics made to pharmaceutical standards

    As a private label skincare manufacturer, we provide established aesthetic, skincare and dermatology practices access to dermatologist-formulated cosmeceuticals. Our dermocosmetic formulations have been tested extensively as adjunct treatment for dermatological conditions such as acne, rosacea and sensitive skin.

    Enhanced co-operation: OEM/ODM services with flexible MOQ

    Unlike traditional private label skincare manufacturers, our model allows for rapid turnaround time for dermocosmetic/product design to keep up with the highly competitive skincare industry—clients will be able to draw on our highly evolved R&D capabilities for product design. 

    Leader in cost-efficient ODM: MOQ 1000 and above 

    The industry standard for ODM starts at 10000 MOQ which is a significant barrier to entry for aesthetic clinics. Dr.TWL Pharmaceuticals is able to draw on our existing facilities, raw materials, in-house specialists—as the premier dermatologist-formulated private label skincare manufacturer in the APAC region with stringent pharmaceutical controls. 

    Private Label Dermocosmetics

    Our streamlined approach allows for maximum cost-efficiency and rapid turnaround for skincare, dermatology and aesthetic practices

    What to expect when you work with us

    • Private-label skincare manufacturer with an established streamlined process
    • In-house team with extensive supply-chain and logistical support serving the international/APAC region 
    • Quick turnaround time with low MOQ
    • Dermatologist-formulated private label dermocosmetics to complement your aesthetic practice 

    Quality audits and dermatologist testing

    Our capabilities range from dermocosmetic formulation to clinical testing and quality audits.

    Development of private label skincare, haircare, makeup and home-use devices 

    Choose us as your one-stop private label skincare manufacturer and get access to our haircare, makeup and device manufacturing services. 

    Prototype Development for Korean Medifacial Countertop Device

    EUROISO22716 manufacturing facilities

    Our biotechnology facilities encompass pharmaceutical-grade raw material extraction, cosmeceutical design and device manufacturing. 

    Dermocosmetic compliance checks by private label skincare manufacturer 

    Leverage on our in-house expertise for FDA/HSA ASEAN COSMETIC DIRECTIVES compliance checks. 

    5-STEP Private label skincare manufacturing process

    1. The initial consultation maps out client requirements/needs (ODM packaging/blank bottle options)
    2. In-house research and development for ODM
    3. Development of samples and clinical testing 
    4. Client receives samples for final testing and approval 
    5. International delivery/fulfilment 

    About us

    Mr Teo Zhi Liang, a chemical engineer by training with over a decade of experience working in the pharmaceutical and petrochemicals industry is the director and head of Dr.TWL Pharmaceuticals. Mr Teo graduated with first class honours from Nanyang Technological University and was accorded the gold medal in pharmaceutical engineering. 

    Dr Teo Wan Lin is a board-certified dermatologist and author of published research on the skin microbiome in top journals like the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology and the International Journal of Dermatology. As an internationally renowned beauty KOL, she is sought after for her expertise in Asian skincare markets. Dr Teo has collaborated with leading skincare brands such the AMORE-PACIFIC group, Beiersdorf, L’Oréal Paris and LVMH. She serves on the board on a consultancy basis for R&D and ODM. 

    The brother-and-sister duo are responsible for taking Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals, one of Singapore’s leading clinical skincare brands from its inception in 2016 as a startup to a 7-figure beauty empire

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    Press Features

    Dior Beauty X Dr.TWL as seen in Elle China, Elle Netherlands, L’Officiel Malaysia, Marie Claire Brazil, Harper’s Bazaar Germany

    Dior Beauty X Dr.TWL as seen in Elle China, Elle Netherlands, L’Officiel Malaysia, Marie Claire Brazil, Harper’s Bazaar Germany

    Founder of Prominent Asian Beauty Clinical Skincare Brand Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals

    Founder of Prominent Asian Beauty Clinical Skincare Brand Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals

    Custom Skincare Makeup Lab as seen in Cosmetics Design Asia

    Custom Skincare Makeup Lab as seen in Cosmetics Design Asia

    Beauty entrepreneur as seen in Her World, The Peak Magazine, ICON, A Magazine, L’Officiel USA

    Beauty entrepreneur as seen in Her World, The Peak Magazine, ICON, A Magazine, L’Officiel USA

    Lofficiel Dr.TWL Feature
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