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Serum Recommendations: How to Choose Serums for Your Skin Type

March 23, 2024


Serum Recommendations: How to Choose Serums for Your Skin Type

Here are some key barrier repair actives to look out for  

Face serums are lightweight formulations that contain water soluble active ingredients like 

  • Glycerin

  • Sodium Hyaluronate

  • Polyglutamic Acid

Instead of ceramides or lipids which are typically in cream formulations


There are certain advantages such as being able to infuse amino acids in higher concentrations, for instance

  • Serine

  • Methionine

  • Histidine

  • Help repair skin barrier as humectants

  • Stimulate collagen production

image2.pngThe first category of actives we shall discuss work on the top most layers of skin

  • Humectants i.e. hyaluronic acid, polyglutamic acid, amino acids and glycerin 

    • trap moisture under the stratum corneum 

    • prevent transepidermal water loss

    • panthenol, amino acids 

  • Knowing how to choose face serums is important but equally critical is understanding how your should best apply serums for maximum efficacy 

image3.pngWhy? The ideal face serum formulation boosts the effects of your skincare routine. The first key principle to understand is skincare layering. Dermatologists advocate layering because it increases absorption, but also because when you use serums separately from creams, you can maximise concentrations of skin actives delivered to skin. 

  • Can I just use 1 face serum for all my skincare needs?

image4.pngThere is a reason why we separate hyaluronic and vitamin C serum instead of using an all in 1 product,  An all-in-1 skincare product practically will deliver lower concentrations of actives compared more complex skincare layering regimen.


image5.pngThe best face serum formulation 

  • Biomimetic actives 

  • Multiple actives 

  • Barrier repair

  • Creating an occlusive microenvironment 

  • Enhance absorption and delivery of molecules


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